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The Memes of March 2010

For some time now, we’ve sold bumper stickers, buttons and made-in the USA shirts to cover the costs of putting up Irregular Times and make a bit of pin money on the side. Those pins and shirts and stickers number nearly 15,000 and cover a wide range of topics, but from month to month certain messages prove more popular than others. The shifts in sales from month to month are a kind of a cultural barometer.

These were our ten most popular designs during the month of March 2010:

1. I Support Health Care Reform bumper sticker

2. I Support Barack Obama bumper sticker

3. Share the Road bumper sticker

4. Big Blue Planet Earth stickers

5. Progressive Moose t-shirt

6. Yellow Barack Obama 2012 bumper sticker

7. Dissent is Still the Highest Form of Patriotism button

8. Bill of Rights poster

9. Like Jesus Would Own a Gun and Vote Republican bumper sticker

10. Lose the Lawn, Plant a Garden Instead bumper sticker

2 thoughts on “The Memes of March 2010”

  1. ramone says:

    i don’t do bumper stickers (there’s already enough road rage), but, if i were to vote for my favorite; #9 gets my vote. now, that’s funny!

  2. J. Clifford says:

    Personally, I really like that Progressive Moose. There’s not been any move outside of Minnesota, though, to revive Teddy Roosevelt’s old project.

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