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116 days left before “certain” attack on U.S. Homeland: Cigarette?

On February 2, 2010, leaders of the civilian and military intelligence agencies of the U.S. Government went before the Senate Intelligence Committee to proclaim with unanimity that an attempted terrorist attack on the “U.S. Homeland” within six months was “certain.”

There are 116 days left before August 2, the end of this period. Has there been any attempted terrorist attack on the U.S. Homeland?

This just in: a Qatari diplomat was caught sneaking a smoke in an airplane restroom!

No, there has been no attempted terrorist attack on the U.S. Homeland, not unless you want to classify George Carlin as a terrorist, too.

1 comment to 116 days left before “certain” attack on U.S. Homeland: Cigarette?

  • No way, Jim. You’re way off on this one. Do you realize that the diplomat also made a joke? A joke, Jim, not just a cigarette. Do you realize who could have been hurt? Try to laugh it off, if you like, but if the diplomat had been successful, Americans everywhere might have been short of breath for a few seconds… just long enough for a nuclear missile to sneak through.

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