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Transitional Forms: Que Sediba, Sediba

How can evolution be taught over creationism in the public schools when there are no transitional forms?

We should be clear about this: If Darwin’s Theory is correct, we should be able to find a well defined trail of fossils that clearly show the gradual, very slow change of distant ancestors to man. Simply put, there are no convincing transitional forms to show this. In the years since Darwin published his theory, the fossil record has become very robust, with millions of fossils found and evaluated thoroughly. Unfortunately for Darwin’s theory, the fossil record continues to show an “absence or rarity of transitional forms.” The only objective witness that could substantiate Darwin’s theory is the fossil record, but it does not do so. Rather than showing the slow and obvious evolution of all species from common ancestors, the fossil record shows the sudden appearance and disappearance of species, without transitional forms. True, Darwin argued that transitional forms might be difficult to find, but to not find any convincing forms after 150 years is really quite damaging for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Given this, I remain amazed that Darwin’s theory is now taught as fact, and that advancement in the field of Biology is contingent upon demonstrating full faith in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as fact as well as repudiation of the idea that God created all of life.

Nope, there just aren’t any transitional forms in human evolution… except these, of course.

Skull of Australopithecus SedibaOh, look, here’s a new transitional form: Australopithecus sediba, a species with both australopithecine features and homo features, so intimately combined that scientists find it difficult to definitively classify fossils from this species as firmly within either genus.

One thought on “Transitional Forms: Que Sediba, Sediba”

  1. Tom says:

    Like climate change – the uneducated would rather cling to myth than evidence (and thereby deny any evidence). No, it’s much more believable that two humans (one of each gender) just popped into existance a mere 6000 years ago and (poof!) here we are. Ask Sarah Palin, expert on everything.

    Education has become the complete dumbing down of our children, with the rote memorization and parroting back of lots of disconnected facts replacing critical thinking, logic, and artistic expression. Did you see that link i posted yesterday to Florida? The legislature there has made it mandatory that teacher salary be directly related to student test scores. So teachers who instruct the learning different, autistic, or even average youth, will have their salaries frozen or diminished by this. In Texas, the religious zealots have succeeded in getting their legislators to buy CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALIST-based textbooks. Let’s not subject them to real history or science, GAWD forbid!

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