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Wayne Allyn Root Campaigns Against Ron Paul, For Himself

2008 nominee Bob Barr has maintained a limping campaign that may be aiming the Libertarian Party’s 2012 presidential nomination. If he wants to be the Libertarians’ top choice, however, he’ll have to take on his former vice presidential running mate, Wayne Allyn Root.

Root is openly campaigning to become the Libertarian candidate for President, with a Root For America web site and a direct solicitation for financial donations for his campaign. “Wayne Allyn Root has been asked by thousands of his fans and voters to run for the Libertarian presidential nomination in 2012. Wayne wants to hit the ground running!” Root has a political strategy too, planning to make use of the Tea Party movement in his campaign, recently citing a “Revolutionary Tea Party Plan”.

One thing Root does not yet have, according to FEC records, is an official campaign committee. He would need that in order to actually accept campaign contributions. Maybe, as a Libertarian, Root is happy to defy campaign finance laws. Perhaps Root is playing a legalistic game of asking supporters for the commitment to donate money without actually taking their money yet.

It could also be that Root is so focused, on his campaign to kick Ron Paul out of Congress this year, that he hasn’t had the time to submit the proper paperwork. Part of Root’s activism, you see, is a campaign to encourage Americans to vote every single politician out of Congress. He calls it a V.E.T.O. campaign – Vote Every one of Them Out. He’s even selling V.E.T.O. shirts, with the design you see here.

Of course, if Libertarian voters work to get every incumbent out of Congress, they’ll have to work to kick Ron Paul out of the House of Representatives as well. That’s a strategy that doesn’t make much sense for someone who wants to see a more libertarian Congress, because Ron Paul is the most libertarian voice there is in Congress, although he’s registered as a Republican. If Ron Paul gets kicked out by Tea Party activists aligned with the Wayne Allyn Root, then a replacement will come in who likely will be much less friendly to the Libertarians.

It’s a blunt strategy that, as Jim has pointed out, doesn’t make much rational sense. Then again, many American voters don’t seem to be in the mood for rational sense these days.

9 thoughts on “Wayne Allyn Root Campaigns Against Ron Paul, For Himself”

  1. qs says:

    The ronpaulforums call Wayne Allyn Root by the name W.A.R.

  2. qs says:

    This guy is not really a strong candidate though. Bob Barr wins a vacuum.

    If Paul actually wanted the Libertarian nomination, he wouldn’t even have to campaign for it.

  3. qs says:

    So far Obama has..

    Obama has increased drone attacks
    Obama has increased the troops in Afghanistan.
    Obama has maintained troop levels in Iraq.

  4. Wayne root says:

    This is Wayne Allyn Root just letting you know you have misread my site. First I am not running for President, nor accepting political contributions for any Presidential run. I’m not sure what you’re reading but my web site clearly states that I’m running for National Chairman of the Lobertarian Party and accepting donations for that run. Secondly I am a regular in the national media and have stated numerous times that I am a supporter of Ron Paul… My best selling book also states I’m a fan of ROn Paul. In my many media appearances about VETO … I always state that we should throw every incumbant politician out- except Ron Paul. Please correct your misleading blog. Thank you!


    1. J. Clifford says:

      You ALWAYS state that, Wayne? Gosh, but your tshirt doesn’t read V.E.T.O. (except Ron Paul). Neither does that web site Always is a big territory, Wayne. And hey, on your official V.E.T.O. central page at, it doesn’t say “except for Ron Paul”. It says “Throw Out Every Bum in the U.S. Congress!
      VETO Them ALL”

      Looks pretty clear to me, Wayne. “All” includes Ron Paul. You’re campaigning to kick Ron Paul out of Congress, Wayne.

      As for your statement that you’re running for President in 2012 – not just for Chairman of the Libertarian Party, it’s at, in the text I quoted above – which, interestingly, you put in a graphic, not in searchable text.

      Come off it, Wayne. You’re telling your supporters you’re running for President in 2012, and you’re not filing FEC paperwork. Fess up.

      Wayne Allyn Root Says He's Running For President In 2012

  5. Jim says:

    Oh, so that’s why this is the metadata for your website, then:

  6. Wayne root says:

    Perhaps you’re not aware I was a candidate for the Libertarian Presudential nomination in 2008… and was the Vice Presidential nominee. That Presidential tag refers to 2008.

  7. Jim says:

    Oh, and this sort of stuff you’ve written on your own website:

    Was it put there by hackers?

    Look, fella, if you’ve changed your mind, that’s cool. People change their minds all the time. So just say you’ve changed your mind. But it’s not a “correction” to cover up for you and try to pretend you haven’t said and written what you clearly have said and written.

  8. Jim says:

    And this: “In 2012 I expect to duplicate Ross Perot’s number of 19 million. In 2016 I expect to be a credible third-party candidate, and in 2020 I plan to win.”

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