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Garden Utility

A voice within me looks at the rising red stems of these peonies and thinks, “They have no utility.” I eat no part of them. They are not native. As much as the bees enjoy them when in bloom, I know that a tomato or bean plant would provide as much nectar.

However, they keep a square foot of earth from the mower, and even before they flower, they make it easier for me to remain in the garden to tend the useful, earnest vegetable seedlings.

2 thoughts on “Garden Utility”

  1. Tom says:

    i have a really strange tree peony in my front garden that has both purple and yellow blooms (it’s probably two plants intertwined, but it’s a real conversation piece and beautiful too).

  2. MargaretRose says:

    Joy, beauty, sensation are all necessary for the soul. That in itself is utility. Be dazzled and amazed by your peonies. Share them; three peonies in a jelly jar are just the thing for a neighbor or a friend. Enjoy!

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