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John Piper Clams Up About God As Tornado Hits Baptist Church in Mississippi

When a minor F0 tornado hit a church where gay rights activists had met last summer, Baptist preacher John Piper promptly wrote a 625-word essay explaining to his followers how the tornado was the expression of God’s wrath against gay people. Piper declared that “Jesus Christ controls the wind, including all tornados,” that God will exclude gay people from His Kingdom, and that the tornado was “firm warning” for gay people to stop their fornication. He particularly singled out the Lutheran Church for condemnation; a local Lutheran church’s steeple was cracked by the minor tornado, and Piper cited this as evidence for the religiously incorrect nature of the Lutheran Church’s allowance for gay congregants.

Today, a powerful tornado hit Mississippi with “utter obliteration,” as the Governor of Mississippi put it. Six people were killed. The tornado tore through and destroyed the Green Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Three of its crosses were broken apart, and Bibles were blown to the wind.

In the wake of this second tornado, Baptist preacher John Piper has issued no reminders that “Jesus Christ controls the wind, including all tornados.” John Piper hasn’t made any claims about this stronger, more deadly, massively destructive tornado being the instrument of God’s wrath against the sinful and religiously incorrect Baptist church.

I wonder why that is.

No, actually, to be honest, I don’t.

20 thoughts on “John Piper Clams Up About God As Tornado Hits Baptist Church in Mississippi”

  1. Tom says:

    BWAH-HA-HA-HA! (gasp) AHHHH-HAAAH-HAH-HA!!!! That’s just SOOOOO ironic, poetic and satisfying! Effing blowhard preacher. i only wish he was in the damn building when it was destroyed. Maybe then he’d have gotten the message.

  2. ramone says:

    i may start believing after all. now can we get a lightning bolt delivered to michele bachmann’s doorstep,PLEASE.

  3. Chucklenuts says:

    Tom and ramone both sound like very spiteful, mean, and violent-wishing people.

    1. Juniper says:

      As opposed to John Piper, who’s a gentle soul, right?

  4. Chucklenuts says:

    I guess they’re much nicer than Hitler and Stalin, too.

    What the hell does that prove? I didn’t give any comparison between them and Piper.

    1. Juniper says:

      But it’s John Piper who’s the subject here. Why are you giving Piper the pass, and focusing your ire on Tom and Ramone? You seem to have a strategy for redirection here, Chucklenuts.

  5. Chucklenuts says:

    Nice try, but no bite. I read this “article” and really don’t care, just like the author, except that, although he claims at the end that he really doesn’t wonder about it, he devotes time and a blog post to it. That’s funny, since he says he doesn’t really wonder why it is so.

    Here’s the question for you, “Juniper” (code name for someone else who starts with a “J” perhaps?).

    Why don’t you complain to ramone, who called for lightning to destroy michele bachman’s house. I don’t recall seeing her name in the article. Why isn’t he also “accused” of redirection? Or do you have a agenda, perhaps?

    Those were comments by Tom and Ramo. They posted them publicly. As far as my interest in the original posts’ points, I’ll side with the author, “…No, actually, to be honest, I don’t…” care, that is, very much.

    I think it is far more interesting to comment on what seem to be replies to his post from people that have some very serious, violent, disturbed, and vicious personalities. They are people, who just like Piper, have decided to publicly post their strange opinions. In this case, they were calling for violent harm to befall another person. That’s really sick and indicates a very nasty projection. They may not be as ‘famous’, but they show the same disturbed, violent streak.

    Sure, Piper is a nut. There you go, I’ll agree. Make you feel better? Now, why don’t you step up to the plate responsibly and suggest also to Tom and Ramone that maybe some counseling is in order, before they actually start doing actual violence to others, instead of merely writing that they hope violent acts will happen to others. It could be next.

    1. Juniper says:

      Piper’s the one who’s claimed to speak on behalf of religious truth against a bunch of sinners. That makes the standard a lot higher for him, don’t you think?

    2. Jim says:

      You put words in my mouth there, Chucklenuts. I don’t “wonder why” Piper says what he says then selectively shuts up, but it’s not because I don’t care. I care, but I don’t have to wonder why because it’s transparently clear why. John Piper is a bigot. And he’s a bigot with quite a following.

  6. John S. says:

    I do take issue with some comments made in this blog. Read the article again. Piper did not say Gays are excluded from Heaven, he said that those who are unrepentant about homosexual practices will not enter heaven, along with those who practice adultery, stealing, lying drunkards etc. He made it very clear that he would support and encourage a homosexual person who struggles with the practice of Homosexuality, but would not encourage the practice, b/c it is spiritually damaging to that individual. Thats a huge difference. He also did not say the tornado hit the church b/c of gay people being punished by God’s wrath. Read the article again. He said the event was about Clergy discussing whether or not Practicing Homosexual Pastors can be ordained. However, I do agree with you that this meeting was particularly singled out among other natural disasters at the same area. John Piper has an orthodox understanding of natural and man-made disasters based on the reading of luke 13:1-4. He also gave an interview on NPR about the Tsunami that hit in 04, expressing it was a call for ALL people to repent, he did not single out a single group. The link can be found here: I hope you will take the time to listen to it. So that even though you may disagree with him, you will see that he is consistant in his beliefs (but maybe not so much in his practices?)

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Yeah, Jim! Geez! He’s not saying that you can’t get into heaven being gay, just that you can’t get in if you’re gay and don’t hate yourself for it! Geez!

      He’s not saying that God sent tornadoes to wreck the church because of gay people! Geez! He’s saying that God sent tornados to wreck the church because of gay people thinking they’re as good as anyone else, and touching the precious church! Come on, Jim! So unfair!

      1. John S. says:

        Wow! really mature ITimes. You completely missed the point. If something is spiritually destructive to a person, and that person is seeking after God, they have to deny many aspects of themselves, that they once found temporal pleasure. If someone is sexual promiscuous and God makes it clear that that act is destroying them, how loving would it be if we as christian brothers and sisters to them (Again these are people who agree with the faith) encourage them to live in a destructive lifestyle. And again, read my comment. I said I didnt agree with him singling that particular event out. I will be the first to say that Many poeple who call themselves Christian are close-minded and judgemental. But the more time I spend on blogs, I realize that MOST people (Yes even those who mock Christains) can be just as hypocritical or close-minded. Homosexuality is a very complex issue. And if a person believes that there is nothing destructive with a promiscuous lifestyle (Gay or straight) that person has not lived on this earth very long, or thought deeply about the mental and emotional affects of such a lifestyle. Now if you want to debate that point, I will be happy to do that. Or you can just mock me, and make some silly comment that shows you haven’t read through my comment to begin with..

        1. John S. says:

          Oh and by the way, I am not saying Homosexuals are more or less sexually promiscuous, I was merely trying to to make an argument against those who are hetorsexual and who are promiscuous (Meaning having sex outside of Marriage).

        2. F.G. Fitzer says:

          “God makes it clear”? I’m sorry, but did God release a memo on the ordination of homosexuals into Christian clergy? I missed that one. No, what happened is that there are a few thousands-years-old verses stuck into the human-written Christians’ holy book, and those verses are then interpreted as indirect signs of what this God deity, presuming he exists, must want.

          And, by the way, there isn’t any mention of any tornado in the Bible. So, where did God make that issue clear for John Piper? In an editorial in the Washington Post?

          I don’t really regard the issue of gods using the weather to punish church architecture for the violation of scripturally obscure doctrines as a matter for serious debate. Bring a serious subject to the table, and I’ll treat it seriously. This nonsense deserves a good mocking.

          1. John S. says:

            Seriously F.G. Are you not reading my post fully? How many Times must I say it. I DONT AGREE WITH JOHN PIPER SINGLING OUT THIS PARTICULAR CHURCH FOR THIS PARTICULAR NATURAL DISASTER. Geez man. If you want to have an intellectual debate, at least try to listen to the other side for a little bit. And if you had read the Verse of Scripture which I spoke of in my original post (Luke 13:1-4) you would see that Jesus is responding to a natural disaster and a man-made disaster that was brought up by the people around him, and it was his particularly shocking response that im alluding to. As far as Ordination of Gay clergy, Yes there is some dispute about it in the church, but just read Paul’s first letter to Timothy where he talks about election of elders and leaders in the church. If you cant see That Being single, or Married to One wife is required for election than your blind. Again, I am speaking of Orthodox Christian Thought, remember I prefaced my thoughts with people who “agree with the faith”. If a person doesn’t agree with the faith I have no grounds of dispute, but if that person does claim to be a Christian, then they, by definition, have to be in submission to the Lordship of Christ, and what has been revealed in scripture. End of story. Please do not reply unless you have read this whole post and the other previous posts, ’cause it is becoming more and more clear, you are only here to mock, not engage in meaningful conversation.

          2. John S. says:

            And Just FYI, There are numerous places in the Bible where a tornado is witnessed. The Word tornado is a recently invented word, and was not around the time of the writing of the old testament. If you read the First Chapter of JOB you will see that an east wind (read tornado) came and destroyed the place where Jobs sons and daughters were staying, and they died. Although Satan sent the east wind (with God’s permission in this particular narrative), it was attributed to God, since He is Sovereign. Again just for your information, not looking to debate the whole “why do people suffer thing”. It will be something every human in every generation will debate and discuss with no meaningful answer while death and suffering remain.

          3. F.G. Fitzer says:

            Okay, John, I don’t think that you get this central point: You’re treating a subject without a serious foundation as if it’s possible to have a serious debate about it. You’re making arguments about which scripture can be cited in order to build “intellectual debate” about how to determine whether a tornado was directed by the divine creator of the universe because of the private sexual habits of people in the church.

            It is absurd to create the pretense that a discussion of these matters is an “intellectual debate”. It’s not intellectual. It’s mentally sloppy in the extreme.

            Please do not reply unless you have put on your pointy hat and made your salutations to St. Roger.

          4. John S. says:

            Well F.G. if you refuse to understand for the FOURTH TIME that I DONT AGREE WITH JOHN PIPER SINGLING OUT THIS PARTICULAR CHURCH FOR THIS PARTICULAR NATURAL DISASTER i.e. its wrong to single out any sinner for any particular sin when God has an infinite number of reasons for bringing such an event in a particular point of time. Than you my friend aren’t worth any more time responding to. You are a prime example of why gentlemanly debates are a thing of the past. Just make sure the next to you spit out how Intolerant and close minded Christians are you remember how you failed to understand any of the points I made, probably didn’t look up any the references I gave, and continue to try to insult someone who has a difference of opinion with you. Good Day, May God bless your search for truth, if indeed you are searching.



    1. F.G. Fitzer says:


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