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4 thoughts on “American Truck Driver Taken to Detention For Not Having his Birth Certificate on Him”

  1. Tom says:

    Oh i’m sure policies such as this are already familiar to far too many people of color (at least on the East Coast, where i’ve witnessed it several times and has been in the news in the case of that Harvard professor who was trying to open his front door on evening). Now it can happen to all of us (randomly, of course). This is what we get when sheeple don’t stand up for democracy – a police state.

  2. Hendrix says:

    Fuggin fascists, if it’s not one thing it’s another. You know if people were to start carrying birth certificates the fascists would just challenge the authenticity. e.g. “You look like a mexican so this missouri birth certificate must be a forgery. This is just an invalid copy without a proper raised seal, etc.”

  3. JennyD says:

    This is an interesting issue.

    While racial profiling is definitely a problem, this is being raised as an example of why Arizona should not be permitted to enforce immigration law.

    Under existing Federal law, entering the country illegally is a misdemeanor earning you 6 months in prison. A second offense is a felony, earning two years. However, the Federal government has done nothing of significance to enforce this law, in spite of decades of appeals from the Southwestern border states, which is why Arizona is forced to deal with it on its own.

    I’ve heard many people complain that enforcing immigration law is “racist” and/or “Nazi”. What do they propose instead of Arizona’s new law? Open borders? I have yet to see anyone complaining about the law offer a viable solution to the significant illegal immigrant problem which Southwestern border states face.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      JennyD, SB 1070 does not just enforce the law. It violates the Constitution. I don’t think people have a problem with enforcing the law. What they have a problem with is a law that deprives everyone, American citizens included, of their Constitutional rights, including the 4th amendment right to protection from unreasonable search and seizure of papers. We’re supposed to have search, seizure and arrest only on probable cause, not the far out standard of merely appearing Hispanic.

      SB 1070 actually interferes with the adequate enforcement of the law, by flooding the law enforcement system with junk detentions of U.S. citizens who have done nothing but left their own homes without their birth certificates in their back pockets.

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