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Shirts of Resistance to SB 1070

Protests against Arizona’s new law, SB 1070, are spreading, and it’s not just grassroots citizens who are in the opposition. California legislators are calling for their state government to cease all business with organizations within the state of Arizona. Mexico has issued a travel advisory against going to Arizona.

The law requires law enforcement to engage in racial profiling, stopping people simply because they’re judged to look like illegal immigrants. If people don’t have proof of citizenship on them, they are to be taken to detention centers.

U.S. Representative Joe Baca gave a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives in which he said, “I call on all of us to consider a national boycott of all industries in Arizona and to a wear a band on our sleeves to protest against this unjust law and to show that this is not the American way. We must not tolerate unjust laws inspired by racism and hate.”

An armband sounds like an interesting idea, but Congressman Baca’s office isn’t offering clear guidance on what kind of armband. There are rumblings about a brown armband, but no coordination that I can see on such an action yet.

In absence of a standard armband protest against SB 1070, we’re offering the following protest t-shirts at our Arizona politics shop on Skreened. These offer explicit messages of opposition to Arizona’s unjust legislation.

No Human Being is Illegal Tshirt

Repeal SB 1070

Arrest Me. I Look Like An Illegal Immigrant.

Arizona flag shirt, show them your papers

Headed to Arizona? Show ’em your Papers! Constitution T-shirt

Arizona Por Derechos Humanos

Another Arizonan Against The Immigration Scare

Illegal Immigrant tshirt

Typical Illegal Immigrant Clothing T-Shirt

Do I Look Like an Illegal Immigrant to You?

Arizona Uber Alles: T-Shirt Against SB 1070

Arizona Uber Alles T-Shirt Against SB 1070

We Are Not 2nd Class Citizens Protest T-Shirt for Arizona

If Arizona declares that all people who look like they might be illegal immigrants must be sent to detention camps, then we can all wear tshirts declaring that we’re illegal immigrants – or that we look like them. Are they going to arrest us all?

As with all our Skreened sales, the shirts are made in the USA, not exploiting overseas sweatshop labor. One dollar from every sale goes to a Kiva microloan to help bottom-up economic development in foreign countries, and another dollar from each sale is donated to progressive political causes.

16 thoughts on “Shirts of Resistance to SB 1070”

  1. Grady says:

    Proud to wear one.

  2. Anarchist1 says:

    way to fucking capitalize… this is disgusting…

    1. Jim says:

      Oh, give me a break, A1. A quick check shows you sell shirts of a tied-up woman with breast implants for a profit, when you aren’t selling pictures of yourself as a model. That’s your choice, to sell shirts you like and pictures of yourself. I imagine you believe in that. Fine; whatever floats your boat. This is our choice: to sell t-shirts with messages we believe in for people who want to spread the same message because they believe in it. We sell sweatshop-free t-shirts, printed by a small American independent business, and we donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale to a progressive political cause and another portion to a microloan fund for the developing world.

  3. justice studies grad says:

    Frankly, you all are missing the real issue. Being a woman of color I have experienced racial injustice and racial discrimination my entire life. Enough to know that racial profiling is NEVER EVER okay! And now they think that they can just slip it into law?!?!? This is not about us supporting immigrants being illegal or supporting illegals crossing the border without the appropriate paperwork. Its about the millions of Mexican Americans who are citizens. Born and raised here just like you, who will now legally be profiled, apprehended, harassed, discriminated against, and automatically assumed to be illegal. That is not right and that is not civil! So thank you Rev. Al Sharpton for inflamming the true issue when so many others are blind, because if this law goes into effect, honestly, WHO IS NEXT?
    That’s the problem with white politicians. They think that if a law protect the rights of white Americans than it protects the rights of all Americans and that is not the case! As for President Obama I feel that by him not intervening he is condoning. President Obama we voted for you because you represented CHANGE so please don’t be afraid to do just that!

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Um, justice studies grad, could explain how this article is MISSING that issue?

    2. wovoka says:

      I’m tired of all you hispanics complaining about sb 1070.if you’re illegal you have already broken the law. Illegal.I’m a american citizen born in tx. If I was in mexico illegally I would nt be deported back to the u s with a sandwhich and soda I would be locked in a mexican jail for several years. If you don’t like the law go back to mexico or go through the proper steps to become a citizen

      1. Huh? says:

        When my father was ill and had a major surgery, he remaining in bed for a while but, he would be in more pain if the people would talk to him. Basically the vibration of a persons voice would cause him pain. Well since I was a very outspoken loud child I was sent to live with grandma in MEX. Well Guess what, I was provided with free medical, the school accomodated me (since I did not speak spanish but understood very little), I was treated very well. Even now I am treated very well when I visit. All of this stigma surrounding mis treatment is false. Many americans go to MEX to live with no problems.

        1. Grey says:

          Double HUH?

          As a pale skinned Blue eyed person I went to stay a while in mexico. My wallet was made to feel very welcome. As soon as the locals found out I was barely able to speak spanish they were happy to speak english to me and spanish about me behind my back and infront of my face. Unfortunately I can UNDERSTAND a lot more of that language than I can speak. And when word got around that I was not a wealthy grigo tourist they initially thought, I receieved nothing but harrasment and illtreatment.
          I was glad to leave.
          The Immigration laws of Mexico are clearly written down and easily bend if you have enough money or favors to pull. And they are worse than the worst proposed laws put forward by any US politician.
          If you love mexico join it. If you are mexican not American, go to mexico. If you were mexican and want to be an American You have my sympathy and any assitance I can aid you with starting with english language lessons so you can read and know the laws yourself instead of just the hyperbole the media loves to feed people.

        2. Condor Eagle togethr says:

          Please go and study your anthropology before you start casting out stones. The white settlers killed off your ancestors and assimulated them including Mexico.

          I can go on and on, but the bottom line is there is no one out there educated enough to go fight with a warriors suitcase and father skys universal heart.

          It is not my place to fight this battle, but for someone else who does carry the Warriors suitcase. An attorney. The white people such as the KKK has striped you of your culture and your love for your people. The Spanards, French and other races came to the U.S and changed your ancestors including that of Mexico. DID you know Santana a president from Mexico was so indept he kept selling off parts of lands to U.S. included California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and you got it.


  4. A&M Grad says:

    Some students at Texas A&M University have started a grassroots resistance effort to show their solidarity against SB 1070 by wearing brown armbands!

  5. hyrum[: says:

    iLikee Shirtssss!

  6. JennyD says:

    Peregrin –

    If Arizona declares that all people who look like they might be illegal immigrants must be sent to detention camps, then we can all wear tshirts declaring that we’re illegal immigrants – or that we look like them.

    Could you show where the law declares that people who “look like they might be illegal must be sent to detention camps”?

    By my read, it says that when an officer is engaged with someone who has or is suspected of breaking another law (burglary, traffic stop, whatever), that the officer may request the suspects identification and may detain anyone who might reasonably be suspected of being in the country illegally. They are then to be turned over to Federal authorities, not “held in detention camps”.

    That is, it allows Arizona cops to enforce the FEDERAL law which the Federal government ignores.

    Why exactly is that bad?

  7. REPEAL SB1070 says:

    JENNY are you that mindless. go to youtube and type in MCSO and put yourself in those people shoes. Second I completely agree with JUSTICE STUDY GRAD this is about my rights as a brown skinned, natural born citizen. I Refuse to be profiled, I refuse to be questioned more because of the color of my skin. I refuse to be arrested if I, god forbit, forget my wallet at home. I refuse to be arrested, charged as a criminal, fined $1000 dollars and have my vehicle impounded for 30 days if, unknowingly, have an illegal alien in my car. What happened to this free country? what happened to this thing we call, constitutional rights? tell me you idiots. I have family members, who work in AZ as construction worksers, etc.. and have been kicked out of a persons home because of the color of their skin. They said point blank I Dont want a mexian in my house. Another family member walked into a Scottsdale bar and to do repairs and the peoople accused him of being a terrorist! why? tell me JENNYD (KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE CITIZENS). SB 1070 is the LEGALIZATION of RACISM! PERIOD! When your family has never had to deal with direct racism then you don’t understand the struggles of being a person of color.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Racism is Racism, even if you sprinkle it with candy and add a cherry on top.

  9. raciSt B 1070 says:

    Wovoka, you idiot, you must read up on why it is wrong to racially profile citizens. You clearly have no regard for the constitution or human rights! After you discover that brown people have every right to live here peacefully, without being stigmatized, and accused of being illegal, then you really should research the KKK. You’ll understand who breast fed Jan B.and gave birth to her idiot twin, SB 1070. Study up, my friend.

  10. Condor Eagle togethr says:

    WAVO0KA anyhow was a priest by that. What the hell are you doing using his name if you dont know what he stood for. HE DIED waiting for the White buffalo to free our land from perpatrators.


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