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God Punishes Sodomites of Hawaii with Warm Sunshine

The Hawaii state House followed the state Senate yesterday in voting to legalize same-sex unions that have the exact same privileges and benefits of marriage.

From John Hagee to Pat Robertson to Stephen Bennett to John Piper to Graham Dow to Yehuda Levin, religious fundamentalists assert that God uses the weather as an instrument of judgment against gay and lesbian people who refuse to be ashamed of themselves, and against their allies who shamefully grant them equal rights.

But yesterday as the Hawaii state House passed its legislation, Hawaii saw partly sunny skies with a high of 83 degrees and a low of 71. Some judgment. Today’s forecast: a high of 82 and mostly sunny skies. Meanwhile, the Mississippi Valley, where gay marriage is frowned upon, is expected to see hail and tornadoes today.

The fundamentalists I mentioned above are silent on this point. How odd.

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