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Apparent Terrorist Attack Attempt in Times Square… What Do You Know?

In Times Square last night, an SUV with fireworks, tanks of gas and propane, timers and the wrong license plates was driven up onto and left on the curb of Times Square. The device, described as “amateurish,” smoked but did not break into flame.

On first blush, this would seem to qualify as the attempted terrorist attack on the “U.S. Homeland” that was predicted 89 days ago by the five U.S. government intelligence chiefs — although the event could be something altogether different than an al Qaeda attack. It could be an anthrax-style attempt by an American to dramatize the terrorist threat by staging an attack (which would also qualify as the use of terrorism). It could be that someone was trying to murder someone else in particular for personal reasons. Terrorist motives for the event are apparent at this point but not certain.

Regardless of what this turns out to be, it’s darned interesting. What do you know about this event, and where did you find it out?

Update: This was not a bomb. A bomb squad expert from NYC says the effect of its successful lighting would “be more of an incendiary event” and not an explosion. References to the device as a “bomb” therefore aren’t accurate, but even so, its lighting in Times Square might still qualify as terrorist-motivated. Share what you know.

Update 2: Consistent with what that bomb squad expert said, it turns out that fertilizer found in the SUV couldn’t have blown anything up, and that the firecrackers and gas could not have taken out a building, but rather would have caused a fire.

The responsible party, according to reports, is apparently a 40ish white man, maybe from the tri-state area. This 40ish white man could have been operating on terrorist objectives: that means to strike fear into people’s hearts for political reasons. Or he could be a wacko who didn’t take his meds and listened to the voices that told him the letters of Times Square when rearranged spelled “Tames Requis,” which is Latin for “Nothwithstanding Repose,” which means, well… that’s between him and the voices. Let’s wait and see what surfaces.

Update 3: Now, apparently, there is no 40ish white man involved, but an 30 year old nonwhite American citizen of descent. Wait and see what emerges next.

5 thoughts on “Apparent Terrorist Attack Attempt in Times Square… What Do You Know?”

  1. ramone says:

    what i know is this would be terrorist needs an online course in fire bomb making. not being able to ignite your shoe or your underwear is humiliating enough; but, not being able to light a car filled with gas and propane is really bad. if it were not for the dumming of america the terrorist might be winning.

    1. Chucklenuts says:

      Your comments seem to unwittingly reinforce your own points about the dumming (sic) of the United States of America.

  2. Tom says:

    It’s only a matter of time before our cities start experiencing the car bomb on a regular basis. Once enough people who have NOTHING TO DO and are PISSED OFF ENOUGH at the society that let them down (stole their American dream and turned it into a nightmare), we’ll see more of this type of desperation.

    1. Jim says:

      What you say is literally true, if the universe remains here for an infinitely long period of time. For the near-term future, what makes you think this is going to happen?

  3. ramone says:

    the more i think about this particular feeble attempt at terror i really see my cynical and conspiracy fears coming to the fore front. how can any would-be terrorists be so stupid? really! you tell me someone going to this much effort can not ignite a car filled with explosives? the dumming of america does not account for this degree of amateur bungling.
    what better way to divert the attention of america from an oil industry accident than have a terrorist car bomb in time square? and if you can pull it off without any major destruction or loss of life, all the better. take the media pressure off for even one news cycle and it’s a tremendous coup for B.P. i’m just saying…
    calling jesse ventura…

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