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Tucson and Phoenix Hold More Rallies Against SB 1070 May 5

The Arizona protests that began in earnest during the last week of April show no sign of abating in the first week of May. April saw the passage of SB 1070, a new state law that violates the 4th Amendment by requiring police to search and seize citizens’ and legal residents’ papers without probable cause, and violates the 14th Amendment by explicitly permitting people to be targeted for search on the basis of skin color, so long as another stereotypic quality (such as language or perceived national origin) also characterizes an individual (see SB 1070 bill page 1, lines 20-34). If U.S. citizens and legal residents targeted for the search and seizure of their papers don’t happen to have proof of their American citizenship or legal residency on them, they are subject to detention until they can establish such proof.

People in Arizona — a great many of whom have brown skin, speak Spanish, and are often asked whether they were born in Mexico — are understandably upset at this prospect. And so protests against SB 1070 continue tomorrow, May 5. People will be meeting at 12 Noon at the University of Arizona in Tucson outside the Old Main building to air their grievances against this new law. At 6 pm, the people of Phoenix will gather at the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church at 6 pm for a rally, followed by a march against SB 1070 at 8 pm.

2 thoughts on “Tucson and Phoenix Hold More Rallies Against SB 1070 May 5”

  1. ramone says:

    i am hoping this is more than a protest of the “papers, please” agenda. this should be a rebuke of the entire tea party movement. i would like a tally of the numbers gathered in protests around the country last week over arizona’s new law. i would also like a total of the tea party rally participants and compare the counts. i’m thinking tea party numbers would pale in comparison, but, i might be wrong. for the futures sake, i hope i’m not wrong.

  2. deep thinker says:

    A few friends and I went down there yesterday to observe the protests. The protesters, many of them kids, are angry, but the few I talked to can’t coherently explain what they are angry about. In Phoenix, many of the kids were standing around like it was a party and looking for direction. There were quite a few cookie-cutter signs being handed out, but some of the people seemed too embarassed to take them; still all the signs were handed out, at least from what I could see. When their demands for justice start getting specific, it comes out like give me a free life and just confirms what many pro-1070 people already think. In AZ I get the sense that the rallies are working against anti-1070 crowd.

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