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Government Develops Neurocircuitry Implant That Melts Into Your Brain

Conspiracy theorists, rejoice! You have a new piece of information to savor.

Brain Recording Device developed by U.S. Government biomedical research scientistsThe U.S. government has announced the development of a “brain-recording device” that, after being implanted, literally melts into the subject’s brain. Government-sponsored researchers:

were able to create ultrathin flexible implants that hug the brain like shrink wrap, collapsing into its grooves and stretching over its rounded surfaces. The silk base dissolves once it makes contact with the brain, allowing the array to end up tightly hugging the brain…. They found that the ultrathin arrays they created can record brain activity more faithfully than thicker implants embedded with similar electronics.

This way, you’ll never feel the chip! Oooooooooo…

One thought on “Government Develops Neurocircuitry Implant That Melts Into Your Brain”

  1. Tom says:

    It records brain waves, electrical impulses from synaptic activity, or some other measurement (possibly heat) – it doesn’t transmit your thoughts, make you do anything or feel anything.
    That’s for the next development (upgrade) of this thing . . .

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