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Breatharian Prahlad Jani Experiment Said to End, and the results are…

14-15 days (depending on your time zone of reference) ago, a scientific experiment was supposedly commenced regarding the “breatharian” Prahlad Jani, a man in his 80s who claims neither to have eaten food or had water to drink for 70 years, a man who claims to subsist entirely on spiritual energy that enters his body through a hole in his palate.

According to the original terms of this scientific experiment, supposedly carried out by the Indian military research unit called the Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences, Prahlad Jani was to have gone “without food or water under strict observation” for 15 days.

In a worldwide exclusive, the blog Deshgujarat claims to have obtained a statement by researchers on the experiment’s results. Its headline:

15-day test on Gujarat’s miracle Yogi concludes, researchers amazed!

An observational study on Mr Prahlad Jani was carried out for 15 days from 22 Apr 2010 to 06 May 2010, who claims to survive without food and water and not passing urine and stool. Following is the official statement of panel of experts, researchers, and doctors after completion of study.

2. Observational study to understand the mechanism by which he is able to survive without food and water. Such a scientific understanding of the mechanism of survival may help in working out survival strategies under stressful and extreme conditions. This may have application during natural calamities and disasters.

3. The study was carried out under the continuous observation by a team consisting of scientists from DIPAS and doctors from Sterling Hospital Ahmedabad along with other coordinating agencies like SRISTI/ Govt of Gujarat and other consulting doctors.

4. The study Protocol duly cleared by the Ethical Committees of DIPAS and Sterling Hospital was strictly followed and all efforts were made to see that privacy, safety, security and dignity of Shri Prahlad Jani was not compromised at any stage during the study.

5. The present study is limited only to the period under observation i.e. 22Apr 2010 to 06 May 2010.

6. During the study a protocol of round the clock strict surveillance was followed with the help of CCTV camera and personal observations. He was taken out for MRI, USG and X-Ray and exposure to sun under continuous video recordings.

7. Periodic clinical, biochemical, radiological and other relevant examinations were done on Shri Prahlad Jani. All reports were found within the safe range throughout the study.

8. During the above observation period Shri Prahlad Jani has not consumed anything and has not passed stool. The only contact with any form of fluid was during gargling and bathing periodically during the study beginning from 5th day of study.

9. Mr Jani has also not passed urine from his body during the observation period; however the claim will be scientifically substantiated after analysis of investigations carried out.

10. All the reports and results will be scientifically analyzed, subsequently and will take some time. The entire study team will meet periodically to discuss the findings and draw valid conclusions.

11. The study could not have been possible without the utmost voluntary cooperation for each part of the protocol by Shri Prahlad Jani, his brother who was a genetic control in the study and his followers who ensured smooth conduct of the study.

12. DIPAS places on record the appreciation for Prof.Anil Gupta, SRISTI, Dr.Sudhir Shah Neurologist, Dr Urman Dhruv,Sr Physician and other members of the team for their extraordinary initiative, relentless enthusiasm, tireless efforts and selfless dedication for completion of this study. In particular ,DIPAS acknowledges the contributions of following doctors & staff; DIPAS places on record the appreciation for Prof.Anil Gupta, SRISTI, Dr.Sudhir Shah, Neurologist, Dr Urman Dhruv Sr.Physian and other members of the team for their extraordinary initiative, relentless enthusiasm, tireless efforts and selfless dedication for completion of this study. In particular, DIPAS acknowledges the contributions of Dr. Sudhir Shah (Neurologist), Dr. Urman Dhruv (Physician & Endocrinologist), Dr. Himanshu Patel (Nephrologist), Dr. Navneet Shah (Physician & Endocrinologist), Dr. Sudhanshu Patwari Gastroenterologist, Dr. Nilay Mehta Gastroenterologist, Dr. Kandarp Parikh (Urologist), Dr. Hemant Patel (Radiologist), Dr. Mrugesh (Radiologist), Dr.Dinesh Patel (Radiologist), Dr. Sanjeev Patel (Radiologist), Dr. Shrenk Shah (Cardiologist), Dr. Mukesh Patel (Pulmonologist), Dr. Bansi Saboo (Physician, Endocrinologist), Dr. V.N. Shah (Physician), Dr. Amit Bhatt (Physcian, Neurologist), Dr. Raisa A. Vhora (Physician), Dr. Sanjeev Haribhakti ( Gastrosurgeon), Dr. Hitesh Chawra (Gastrosurgeon), Dr. Sanjeev Shah (Pathologist), Dr. Bipin Patel (Pathologist), Dr. Atul Patel (Infectious Disease Specialist), Dr. Sapan Pandia (Rheumatologist), Dr. Jayesh Sheth (Genetician), Dr. Ruchir Shah (ENT), Dr. Urmit Shah (Ophthalmologist), Dr. Heli Shah (Intern), Dr. Shalin Shah (Neurologist) Dr. Parag Rindani (Corporate -Medical Director), Ms. Namisha Gandhi (Revenue Assurance Head and EA of Chairperson), Mr. Dhirendra Chudasma (Corporate Head of Clinical Research), Mr. Jignesh Lakhtaria (Study Co-ordinator), Ms. Monika Rajput (Study Co-ordinator), Ms. Shreya Singh (Study Co-ordinator), Mr. Hirak Nandi (Study Nurse), Mr. Avinash (Study Nurse).

13. We thank Sh. Rajiv Sharma, CEO and all the staff of Sterling Hospital Ahmedabad, for providing all the necessary technical and logistic support for this study. We also thank the Government of Gujarat for their support and proving financial guarantee.

I don’t know what became of number 1. A photograph accompanying the supposed news article, said to be of a “press conference in Ahmedabad on the subject,” is identical to a photograph included by the same Gujarati blog in a description of the experiment on April 26.

A man surviving with health statistics in “the safe range” for 14-15 days without drinking or eating anything, and without urinating? Why, if this is true, it is astounding news! It challenges absolutely everything we know about the human body! It means that hundreds of years learning through biomedical research is incorrect! Such news should directly and immediately impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people suffering illness and billions of people enduring poverty because they suffer under the delusion that they need to eat and drink in order to live!

OK, time to turn off the exclamation point. If this is such big news, why is it being exclusively released through a Gujarati blog, one that includes no links to primary information? In saying this, I am not intending to denigrate Gujarat, nor am I intending to denigrate blogging. After all, I write on in the blog format myself. Rather, it seems odd that India’s military scientists would release such results exclusively to a blogger. Why is this news not listed in The Times of India? Where’s the headline on The Hindu? It also seems odd that no transcript of this release and no news conference could be found under such circumstances on the the Indian military research unit called the Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences website, since there really is no need to share such news except through the help of a blogger in Gujarat.

If this is a real scientific result, I look forward to the imminent release of the scientific data, including the original transcript of the report, 15 days of constant video monitoring and the complete lab reports signed by scientists. These will clearly prove that the Gujarati blogger’s exclusive, earth-shattering report is true. Then we all can toss out our refrigerators.

Update: Indian Express is now reporting on the results of the end of the experiment:

The 15-day observation, which ended on Thursday, has thrown up no specific information which DIPAS is “ready to declare.”

“During the observation period, Jani did not consume anything and did not pass stool. The only contact with any form of fluid that he had was during gargling and bathing activities during the study,” said DIPAS director Dr Ilavazhagan.

I’d love to see the video of his “gargling” and “bathing activities,” which appear to be a shift from the no-liquids rule from earlier in the experiment. And now we learn that there is no specific information that the scientists involved are “ready to declare.” It looks like the data involved in this experiment will not be shared. What do these scientists have to hide?

22 thoughts on “Breatharian Prahlad Jani Experiment Said to End, and the results are…”

  1. ramone says:

    this could be the power of prayer.
    hey, haiti had survivors fifteen days out. never say never.

  2. cool says:

    well, this is typical of skepticals, this was a serious test, with physicians and validated by a goverment agency…please name a hoax that have those elements??? the bath thing is sooo biased!! MAYBE THIS WONT BE ON THE NEWS BECAUSE ITS “BAD” FOR OCCIDENT, THEY WANT TO HAVE THE FACTS FIRST???

    1. Jim says:

      Yeah, that’s it, I’m jealous.

      Scientific experiments peer-review data. I’ll believe it when I see the result published with peer review.

      1. Man says:

        Who’s this idiot who wants a peer review? Religions say “God should tell me”. This ‘scientist’ says “peer review should tell me”. Are people so brainless nowadays that everything should be fed to them from higher authority? Thrust a bit of odd data, and they go into a panic yelling peer review, “I want data”, this and that. At least LOOK, for heaven’s sake!!

        1. Juniper says:

          If you want standards that were good enough thousands of years ago, go with religion, and fall for every crazy idea that comes along… like the idea that you don’t need to eat to live. If you want to do better, science is the way to go.

        2. Jim says:

          Er, I HAVE looked. The DIPAS organization that supposedly put this experiment on has not published any data from the experiment for review.

          The point of publishing results and subjecting them to peer review is to remove the appeal to authority and replace it with an appeal to verification. Experimenters who will share their data with independent reviewers and whose shared data passes the rigors of that independent review to gain publication might be trusted. Experimenters who refuse to share their data with independent reviewers and who can’t get their results published in a peer-reviewed journal have results that can’t be trusted.

    2. jerem smith says:

      It wasn’t verified by a government agency nor was it a serious test.

      This is a rehashed story from about 7 years ago – a 2 minute google will show this story has done the rounds before. There has been no verification by anyone and the story and pictures are clearly not consistent.

    3. maus says:

      “this was a serious test, with physicians and validated by a goverment agency”

      Government Agencies are not immune from being hideously dumb, nor are physicians who are poorly trained.

  3. Dr.Balkrishna.N.Dave says:

    I am much believe in God blessing and ur Yogi experiences will thrive without food/water .In My Town Siddhpur late Devshankarbapa who remin without foods and worshiped 47 years at bank of Sarswati river , in his daily routine early 4AM to & PM .This was a extraordinary stamina to maintain such along time without rest onbody and open to sky in all seasons.
    To get such realist facts u must visit this place, where u feel completely peace and free from worries till to-day also.Here peolpe says that Lord Krishna had blessed Gurubapa and in any circumstances water of same river touched his feet till he lived , this is unbelivable facts, because somany times flood come to this river during his period.
    I think in this present yera such mirecles or God blessing, also will inspire people for presence of God in Ka;yug.

    1. rahul says:


      better believe that your patients are made of flesh and blood and whose money feeds u, not in God and dhongis.

    1. Jim says:

      Thanks for the link to that pdf, which contains no scientific results.

  4. rahul says:

    a bunch of morons work at sterling hospital. like Dr. Mehtas,patwaris,shahs and patels.
    another money minting corporate hospital looking out for cheap publicity and popularity.
    avoid going to this hospital if suffering from some tricky disease. its fit to cure malaria and flu only.
    Drs. beliveing in God keep a safe passage open for thir limited knowledge. They drop the ineffecient part in Gods lap. Stay away from such doctors.

  5. Nathan Pattison says:

    I dont give a dam what some shitty little indian hospital says i want real evidence because other people have survived fare longer without nutrients like Bobby Sands

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Yes, but Bobby Sands had water. Prahlad Jani says he didn’t have water, except, whoops, he “bathed” and “gargled.”

      1. Joshua says:

        Not to mention that Bobby Sands died as a result of his 66-day hunger strike and, before dying, suffered numerous health problems as a result of not eating. Prahlad Jani is claiming to have lived for decades without food or water. The 15-day period is just the period he was under observation.

  6. NYTHAWK says:

    Anything is possible but 15 days is not enough time to prove his claims. What about people that have been buried under rubble after and earthquake for 3 weeks or more and are still alive. A true test would have been months not days. I seriously doubt if his claims were true. If he didn’t eat his hair would fall out, his nails would fall out, his skin would be like alligator hide. If he didn’t drink his liver and kidneys would shut down and he would be jaundiced. He may be able to go up to a month but I have a feeling that if it was longer than that you would start to see signs of this.

  7. Stacy says:

    If you are truly interested, please research the topic and people in the world who survive year after year without food and water, by choice. The information that the study was conducted was probably released because it had to be brought up somewhere, since so many people knew about it. But the results, are not something anyone in power wants the general public to know and understand, as it gives power to the people, rather than dependence. So, they leave us all to haggle over the mystery and arguments–the details and symantics–rather than giving knowledge to help ourselves and the world. We must all take responsibility for the direction our planet is heading, as we allow it to be so, when we argue rather than cooperate and take action. Care enough to find out the truth and possibilities that exist, then act from your own heart, and see the world transform–if you are brave enough to take such responsibility…Namaste 🙂

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Show me the research actually documenting that there are “people in the world who survive year after year without food and water,” and I’ll read the rest of your comment. Deal? 🙂

  8. Bill says:

    The comments from ‘believers’ here reflect well upon them as kindly, good-hearted people…but also as being terribly credulous. Sadly, this is precisely the target signature which religions have preyed upon since the first caveman who discovered he could make a nice living assuring others that the impossible is possible if only they’d believe with all their hearts. It’s sad.

  9. Ershad.M.H says:

    There are many people over the world who don’t consume water and food. In this link you can find many videos of them:

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