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New Grassroots Gulf Oil Spill Tracker

One of the frustrations I’ve had in getting information about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill from the Unified Command’s official site is that the Coast Guard and Minerals Management Service seem particularly cozy with BP executives, and appear to be operating a public relations campaign more than an objective information resource, with the aim of promoting the idea that everything is going well with the oil spill response – that “progress” is being made. The photographs provided by the Unified Command show less and less of the oil slick itself, and more and more of people doing things to organize the response.

This morning, a good counterbalance to this Unified Command PR campaign was begun by SkyTruth. That organization has created Oil Spill Tracker, a site through which Gulf Coast residents themselves are able to post descriptions of what’s actually happening on the shoreline. These aren’t stories approved by press officers. They’re on-site observations from ordinary people.

One particularly sad observation comes from the Florida panhandle, where a person claims to have snapped this photograph of a large sea turtle that washed up on shore dead. I’ve checked on Tin Eye for similar images elsewhere, to see if this one might be a ripped off fake. It doesn’t appear to be.

The longer the oil slick is allowed to coat the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, combined with toxic dispersants, the more animals like this we’re going to see on Gulf beaches.

Add your own eyewitness observations of Gulf oil spill manifestations at the Oil Spill Tracker.

4 thoughts on “New Grassroots Gulf Oil Spill Tracker”

  1. Tom says:

    This is devastating. i noticed that Congress is all about “improving the practice” rather than abandoning deep water oil exploration, despite what most of us here think. It’s the fact that we’re still using fossil fuels for most everything and continue our non-stop CO2 pollution (which in turn warms the planet and causes even more deadly methane release, more deadzones, sea level rise, stronger storms) that is insane. Don’t we learn ANYTHING from our mistakes? Just how stupid is humanity? We’re killing ourselves ON PURPOSE if we don’t change our ways.

  2. Green Man says:

    Actually, Tom, not EVERYONE in Congress is only for “improving the practice”. Senators Robert Menendez and Bill Nelson have supported a return to a moratorium on offshore drilling. Representatives John Garamendi, Frank Pallone and Kathy Castor have introduced the No New Drilling Act, which would restore the generation-long moratorium.

  3. Shark Diver says:

    Hurricane Oilmageddon

    The eco disaster waiting to play out are raining oil micro dropletts coming ashore as far away as Texas, the southern states, and large parts of Mexico, as Gulf hurricanes suck up millions of gallons of surface moisture and spilled oil. These micro dropletts will come down on rivers, lakes, farm land, and cities covering the landscape.

    “Oilmageddon,” on a biblical scale.

  4. ramone says:

    thanks, sharkdiver. i thought i was about as bummed out over deepwater/horizon as i could possibly be, then you tell me about hurricane oilmageddon. that, combined with the three stooges from BP, halliburton and transocean playing the blame game, makes a gloomy forecast look like a horror/sci-fi film come to life. i don’t suppose i’m the only one having a harder than usual time getting sleep at night?

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