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Prahlad Jani Soaks His Head in Water During Experiment. Bathing?

Breatharian Prahlad Jani in one of his periodic bathing exercises, 2003Would you like to follow the example of Prahlad Jani, an 83-year-old Indian who claims to have subsisted without eating or drinking at all since World War II? Well, we don’t have any tips for the eating part, but the James Randi Educational Foundation tips us off to a video showing Jani’s #1 strategy for avoiding water: you repeatedly pour it over your head.

During the last “scientific experiment” with Prahlad Jani in 2003, he made a regular habit of pouring water over his head to be extra, extra clean, as you can see in the clip from 2003 that’s to your right (see here for the whole clip). The water goes right over his head, right over his face, and right over his… oh, what’s that big hole in your face called? It’s right on the tip of my… oh, what’s that fleshy thing that sticks out of the face hole?

During the latest “scientific experiment” to establish that Prahlad Jani doesn’t drink anything, he also engaged in “bathing periodically” in the oxygen dihydride that he says he doesn’t need. Added to the bathing: periodic gargling. You know, gargling, to keep that face hole thingy fresh. He has to keep the face hole thingy fresh so that he can not use it, you know.

Update: This still photo comes from a powerpoint presentation by the Indian military research unit conducting that 2003 experiment:

Prahlad Jani, soaked down with water during an experiment in which he was to have abstained from drinking

And here’s a little kicker: in that powerpoint presidentation from back in 2003, the doctors who were “researching” Prahlad Jani then (the same doctors who are “researching” Prahlad Jani now) note that they have done work in the past with… Jasmuheen (born Ellen Greve), an Australian breatharian who collapsed when challenged to refrain from eating, who has been caught sneaking food on an airplane and whose pantry at home was found to be filled with food. Since these debacles Jasmuheen has revised her claims to incorporate occasional snackies.

6 thoughts on “Prahlad Jani Soaks His Head in Water During Experiment. Bathing?”

  1. deep thinker says:

    Enquiring minds want to know. Show of hands please…how many idiots fell for this one? Duh.

    1. maus says:

      Apparently there’s one gullible person in this very thread!

  2. ramone says:

    regardless of the hydration and snackies, i would like to see any of his detractors walk with him for a fifteen day stint, hydrate and snack as he does, and then tell us how it went.

    1. Jim says:

      Oh, I’d like that too. I’d like to do exactly what he does… but none of us knows what that is.

    2. maus says:

      “i would like to see any of his detractors walk with him for a fifteen day stint, hydrate and snack as he does, and then tell us how it went”

      Sure, but the “investigators” would have to leave me alone with access to sustenance for as long as these credulous lot do.

  3. paola says:

    pobresito el abuelo x fa vor alludenlo y protejenlo

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