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Overseas Microloan: Sarantuya Sambuu of Mongolia for a Cafe

To keep this website and our tummies going, we sell political t-shirts with liberal messages on them through Skreened, a printer whose awesomeness is both aesthetical (they print shirts on demand on an immensely bigger area of shirt than either CafePress or Zazzle) and ethical (they sell shirts made under American labor and environmental standards by American Apparel). To balance out the American-only emphasis in production, we dedicate a dollar in low-or-no-interest Kiva microloans to help kick-start independent non-factory entrepreneurial efforts in the third world.

Our latest microloan goes to Sarantuya Sambuu to help cover the cost of supplies for her cafe in Arhangai, Mongolia. We won’t take any proceeds we receive from this microloan as income; rather, we’ll put those funds right back into more microloans to help people avoid the sweatshop trap and make a sustaining living on their own.

One thought on “Overseas Microloan: Sarantuya Sambuu of Mongolia for a Cafe”

  1. moojig says:

    hi sarantuya ymar sonin duuldag yum be

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