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New V-Neck Political T-Shirts from Irregular Times through Skreened

Better Living Through Robotics V-Neck T-ShirtWe sell American Apparel shirts through Skreened because we know those shirts are made in the USA with worker protections, pay and environmental standards that overseas sweatshop production does not match. As of this morning, those shirts offer a slightly wider range in style, too.

Every shirt we sell through Skreened is now available printed on an American Apparel v-neck t-shirt in white, green, yellow or blue. Skreened calls two of those colors “mint” and “lemon,” but I just can’t go along with that practice. People should not eat our shirts.

One thought on “New V-Neck Political T-Shirts from Irregular Times through Skreened”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    Oh, and Jim, don’t forget to mention that every shirt we sell through Skreened brings a dollar donated to a progressive political cause, and another dollar Kiva microloan program that then reinvests its profits into further grassroots development projects. Plus, Skreened has its own Kiva microloan donation program.

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