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Figuring Out Zombie Irony. Can You Do Better?

The humor of the undead is trickier than I thought.

Zombie Irony: Me Take You Out to Eat Irony is Undead: Brains as Yucky as Kidneys!

After recalling the insistence of the media earlier in the last decade that “irony is dead,” I thought it would be fun to poke at the notion with an “Irony is Undead” t-shirt. I thought it would be a cinch. The above are my two attempts, and I don’t think I quite succeeded.

Verbal irony involves the juxtaposition of what is literally said and what is actually meant. Problem 1: What does a zombie say? What’s on a zombie’s mind? What are a zombie’s motivations? Well, it wants to eat people, mostly. But Problem 2: zombies are inarticulate, typically speaking simply and in incomplete sentences. In order to express a zombie’s ironic statement, you’d have to successfully express two opposing notions using the same small set of ideas while keeping it all on the limited topic of eating someone.

I thought that maybe the best expression of zombie irony would be clumsy irony, since zombies are clumsy creatures. Following this, I considered “Me Not Want to Eat You At ALL!” as an example of undead irony, but dropped it because it’s not really even primitive irony, just a lie.

Can you do better? What would an ironic zombie say?

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