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Republican Site Shows Americans Want Churches Taxed

Not too long ago, the Republican Party created a web site called America Speaking Out. It’s a site that is supposed to be an “opportunity to change the way Congress works by proposing ideas for a new policy agenda.”

The implicit promise is that Republicans will pay attention to the ideas on the web site, and see which ones participants approve of, and then adjust their policies accordingly. How credible is that promise?

Well, if the Republicans really want to use America Speaking Out to adjust their agenda into something in accord with what participants really want, the Republicans in Congress should soon start introducing legislation to tax churches. After all, one of the most active policy proposals on America Speaking out is the following:

“Tax Churches. Most are just a money making scheme for those in control of them. Use said money to decrease the weight of taxes on average every day Americans. Also prevent institutions from mixing god with education if they do it on the public dole.”

A solid majority of America Speaking Out participants support this idea. So, will the Republican Party start promoting it, or is America Speaking Out just a marketing gimmick?

3 thoughts on “Republican Site Shows Americans Want Churches Taxed”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Look for an onslaught of churches in polotics if this happens. The handcuffs will be off. I for one would welcome this.

    1. Jim says:

      The handcuffs ARE off. Any church can get involved in politicking to the biggest extent it wants. All the church has to do is voluntarily renounce the special tax-exempt status that it applied for when it formed.

  2. deep thinker says:

    Good Grief. Most people have little understanding of the difference between for-profit and non-profit. Jim is right, the handcuffs are off in political speech by churches and pastors…hello, Jerimiah Wright or Rick Warren anyone? As long as they don’t cross the free speech line and start giving corporately to political campaigns, etc…

    Also, nobody is forced to give to a church. Tithes and offerings are voluntary and can be applied on your taxes as charitable giving. What a ridiculus question the survey asks on the site; are they seriously suggesting that people will continue to give to churches to lower the tax burden on ‘average every day Americans?’ Or, ‘prevent institutions from mixing God with education.” Kansas would not agree.

    Idiots own that website.

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