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5 Most Popular T-Shirts of May 2010: All About Immigration

Update: as of November 2015 Skreened NOW DOES sell shirts made outside the United States, for whom compensation CANNOT be confirmed, and backed up only by the corporate front group FLA. WE CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND SKREENED and WILL NO LONGER SELL WITH THEM. Skreened no longer permits shopowners to specify ethical-only garments made in the USA under known conditions. The company’s initial ethical commitments are no longer in force and in our opinion Skreened is questionable at best as a source of shirts.

The following were the five most popular t-shirt designs we sold on Skreened during the month of May 2010:

Repeal SB 1070 T-Shirt
No Human Being is Illegal.  Stop the Madness Arizona T-Shirt
I Only Look Like an Illegal Immigrant T-Shirt
Do I Look Like an Illegal Immigrant to You?
Welcome, Immigrants!  Glad to Have You (USA Map T-Shirt)

Each of these five most popular designs has to do with the issue of immigration. Interestingly, none has to do with the issue of oil spills, another contender in the public imagination for salience. I wonder why this difference emerged. Is there a difference in how people feel about the issue as relevant for activism?

3 thoughts on “5 Most Popular T-Shirts of May 2010: All About Immigration”

  1. Amy says:

    Maybe it has to do with just plain helplessness. I believe we’ve already destroyed our planet and it’s now just a matter of time, how-long-do-we-got phase. When it’s people messing around with people, you can lash out and maybe make a difference. Even if BP went belly-up, what consolation is that when you stumble across a dead sea turtle or porpoise? Man’s indifference to man is one thing, but our ability to destroy our four-legged housemates is another. As we destroy them, they’re collateral damage to some but the ultimate crime to others. We deserve what we get. Gonna go take my pills now.

  2. JennyD says:

    I would suggest that a large percentage of buyers of the above t-shirts have, or believe that they have, a personal vested interest in promoting illegal immigration.

    The people with a personal vested interest in the BP oil spill are a little too busy watching their livelihoods be destroyed to be going online and buying t-shirts . . . and frankly, I can’t imagine most shrimpers are spending lots of time cruising the Web to begin with.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Vested? But that would cover up the tshirt!

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