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Overseas Microloan: Mamadou Barry, Senegal, Motorcycle Repair

Update: as of November 2015 Skreened NOW DOES sell shirts made outside the United States, for whom compensation CANNOT be confirmed, and backed up only by the corporate front group FLA. WE CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND SKREENED and WILL NO LONGER SELL WITH THEM. Skreened no longer permits shopowners to specify ethical-only garments made in the USA under known conditions. The company’s initial ethical commitments are no longer in force and in our opinion Skreened is questionable at best as a source of shirts.

For every shirt we sell through Skreened, we dedicate a dollar to a low-interest Kiva microloan fund to someone who is trying to start up an independent business. We won’t derive income from this; any money we make from these microloans will be sent back for more overseas development. Our latest microloan goes to Mamadou Barry of Senegal, who is starting a business by taking used and broken motorcycles, repairing them, and selling them to others.

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