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International Polar Year Oslo Science Conference: Watch it Online

International Polar Year Oslo Science Conference Live and Archived Webcast, June 8-10 20102007-2008 marked the Fourth International Polar Year, a coordinated international research effort dedicated to a better understanding of the Earth’s poles. Various sorts of data were collected in more than 150 research projects during this year.

Some of this research is still proceeding, and a large amount of data collected during the International Polar Year is still being analyzed. The International Polar Year Oslo Science Conference going on now through June 12 is an opportunity for the scientists involved in Arctic and Antarctic research to come together and share their new findings. It’s also an opportunity for us to watch over the scientists’ shoulders. A limited number of programs at the IPY conference are being webcast live, then archived for future viewing. Click on the IPY icon you see here to watch the proceedings.

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