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Rescheduled Date for the Terrorist Apocalypse: July 4, 2010

Doomsayers, you should have learned from the Millerites by now. William Miller made the mistake of pegging an actual date on the return of Jesus, Lord and Savior: October 23, 1844. More recently, Juval Aviv has made the mistake of predicting an imminent massive simultaneous terrorist attack on multiple U.S. cities. Juval Aviv makes this prediction every few years or so.

People, people, people, haven’t you learned? Don’t give out a date! Don’t say that your vision of odd and theatrically wacky doom is imminent! Use vaguer words, like “soon” and “around the corner.” That way, nobody can say you were wrong. You just say “well, soon!” back in their face. Never ever, give out a specific date…

Will July 4th Be The Atomic False Flag? Something Big Is Brewing

Suitcase A-bombs and terrorists within the US planning something big. We’ve been hearing that scare for a while. Then recently Obama theatrically staged an alert about a potential atomic threat on some unknown US city. Message? It might happen, and when it does, it’ll be THEM (not us, as in US).

One outstanding prediction of the coming atomic false flag was made by Freeman of, an accomplished esoteric research specialist who successfully predicted 9-11 due to the pregnancy of the political issue and the significance of the date amongst the esoteric secret societies. He says it’s very possible that July 4th is their selected date for this horrific ‘ceremony’, based on the history of Knights Templar and Freemasonic events and other esoteric understandings.


2 thoughts on “Rescheduled Date for the Terrorist Apocalypse: July 4, 2010”

  1. Mark says:

    Good thing I’ll be out of the country on July 4. I had no idea that this was coming.

  2. Rowan says:

    What does it mean call someone an “accomplished esoteric research specialist”? The word esoteric means – understood by only a select few. So, how can any statement like this be disproved? A doubter can always just be said to be outside the select few. Very sneaky… except for the July 4th thing.

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