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Power of Political Prayer Fizzles in Gulf States

Yesterday, the Republican governors of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas orchestrated an official Day of Prayer to stop the onslaught of the offshore oil spill from the site of the wrecked BP Deepwater Horizon. Five official declarations called for coordinated intercessory prayer to stop the still-spilling oil gusher at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

The oil hasn’t stopped gushing yet. It hasn’t even slowed in its pace.

What explains this? Are the people of these states poorly skilled in the execution of their prayers? Did they use the wrong incense or wear the wrong hats? Does the god they prayed to not really care about massive environmental devastation? Is the god they prayed to too weak to stop the oil spill? Or does the god they prayed to not exist?

3 comments to Power of Political Prayer Fizzles in Gulf States

  • Jacob

    Sometimes the answer is no

  • Tom

    Oh come on. We can’t know what “God” wants (whatever that means), and “he (she/it)” may just let it all play out (wait for it, in my best Carl Spagler voice) “to teach us a little bit of a lesson.”

    By the way, “i’d keep playing – i think it’ll be a while til the heavy stuff comes down.”

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