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– Avoid wading, swimming, or entering the water where there is oil or oil product (such as tar chips/balls that are too numerous to count, tar mats, oil mousse, oil sheen, or oil slick).

– Remember that tar may be buried beneath the sand – use care when digging in the sand.

– If tar is not removed with grease-cutting liquid dishwashing detergent, scrape off the excess tar from your skin, apply another grease removing agent, such as mineral oil, and rinse your skin with large amounts of fresh water.

– Young children, pregnant women, people with compromised immune systems, and individuals with underlying respiratory conditions should avoid oil contaminated areas.

– Individuals experiencing respiratory symptoms that are aggravated by the odors from the oil spill should consider staying indoors in air-conditioning and avoiding strenuous outdoor activity.

– Avoid contact with dead or dying fish or other aquatic life.

– Prevent pets from entering oil-contaminated areas.

– Residents can participate in activities that are above the high tide line. If they experience respiratory problems, they should leave the area and contact a physician, as they deem necessary.

(Escambia County Health Department)

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