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Get A Bike Truck Against Oil Spills

Upset by the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Want to do something to get back at Big Oil for fouling our nation’s coastal borders? You may feel impotent to do anything against the scale of the huge disaster, but in fact, you have a great deal of power to take specific action that will make oil companies feel your anger: Use less oil.

One great way to cut your oil consumption is to find alternative methods of transportation. Walk, for short trips, or ride a bicycle. The exercise will do you good, and you’ll be cutting off a bit of the cash that keeps fossil fuel companies politically powerful.

I’ve got a bicycle trailer that I use to carry my kids around, and it’s good for hauling around some objects too, but there is an alternative to that design. In Portland Oregon, Ahearne Cycles makes cycle trucks – bicycles with a firm platform placed in front, upon which objects can be placed for transport. Their bikes are handsome as well as effective. Give it a thought, next time you’re driving home a bag of groceries from a store in your neighborhood.

One thought on “Get A Bike Truck Against Oil Spills”

  1. Tom says:

    All for it!

    Biking used to be big in China, but now so many of the former bikers have CARS (having become “middle class” and repeating our mistakes in lots of other ways) that they’re helping deplete the already waining oil reserves, helping to add CO2 to the atmosphere, and consuming more of everything, JUST LIKE US.

    But don’t concern yourself with any of this, it’ll “always” be all right (until, suddenly, it’s not).

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