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7/4/10: Five Hours Left for the Predicted Nuclear Detonation; Messiah Overdue

Over here on the East coast, there are only five hours left before the end of the 4th of July. That’s only five hours for the prediction of a U.S. government’s atomic bomb attack on one of its own cities either to come true or to be established as yet another in the long line of hysterical imminent-attack predictions that didn’t come true.

The nearly-done nature of July 4 hasn’t stopped the conspiracy theorists from dreaming up some new predictions for today:


Heavy fireworks sabotaged with nuclear waste – so when they explode the dust is ejected and lingers over the crowd and is blown slowly into the waters….

The sabotaged fireworks are fired in NYC; in Washington; in Boston and Miami.

They are fired in Cleveland and Chicago and Pittsburgh and Des Moines.

Fired in OKC; Dallas, Houston and Denver.

Cheyenne; Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.

That would be one hell of a shitty 4th of July, would it not?

(PS… still think ff could mean ‘For Fourth’; false flag being a little too obvious and not the kind of thing ‘They’ would need to tell their followers on the street)

Yes, imagine that. Then imagine that Skeletor and the Decepticons ride Unicorns onto the Brooklyn Bridge and unlock the ghost portal to the 5th Dimension, unleashing the power of the undead upon the Big Apple, and Yonkers too. The terrorists would love that, wouldn’t they?

Since we’re talking about apocalyptic predictions, let’s not forget the apocalypse with a capital A. Linda Newkirk’s prophesy for the Second Coming of Christ to be revealed in “a few months” is overdue, considering that it was made back in December of 2009.

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