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It’s those last tenths of a vote that really count in Congress

Indication #97.4 that the Republican National Committee is inventing the statistics behind its “Pelosi’s Puppets” website:

The RNC accuses Rep. Earl Pomeroy (among the 10% most conservative of Democrats in the House) of being one of 14 of “Nancy Pelosi’s Puppets.”

In its documentation for the accusation, the Republican Party asserts that that its claim is:

Republican Party lays down accusations against Earl Pomeroy based on 97.4 votes

It’s that last four-tenths of a vote that really pushed Pomeroy over the top.

One thought on “It’s those last tenths of a vote that really count in Congress”

  1. Jim says:

    This wasn’t a temporary flaw. Months later, the Republicans are still making this claim about Earl Pomeroy, and they still say their claim is “Based On 97.4 Votes.”

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