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Prahlad Jani Update: PI Still Waiting for Data to “Come Through”

Do you remember the hubbub and hullaballoo this spring over claims that Prahlad Jani, an 83 year-old man of India, went for 15 days straight without eating a thing while under strict scientific supervision? Why, the scientists observing Prahlad Jani say he didn’t even take a single drink of water!

Of course, it’s turned out that he was allowed to regularly “gargle” and bathe during that time, that the presence of independent monitors were refused, that Prahlad Jani was allowed his “privacy,” and that the principal investigator’s pre-existing goal in his research is to prove Jain religious teachings about transcending bodily limitations through fasting. His research philosophy:

In fact, every single rule in Jain Darshan has a science behind it, as lord Mahavir was Omniscient. Our Modern science can have and has limitations & therefore we have to change our views every now and then. While Jain Darshan is shaswat & does not need to change.

Whatever mistakes we perceive in the religious texts , could be interpretation errors or perhaps science may evolve for our understanding of those facts ,or may be there were errors in translation or some texts are missing. We have to keep faith in our religion., Yes, absolute faith & devotion. A woshiping temper, rather than egoistic ruthless attitude.

You may recall that at the end of the purported experiment on May 6, principal investigator Dr. Sudhir Shah issued a press release in which he declared:

All the reports and results will be scientifically analyzed, subsequently and will take some
time. The entire study team will meet periodically to discuss the findings and draw valid conclusions.

Now Dr. Sudhir Shah has released an update on his Prahlad Jani experiment in which he explains that:

The investigators intend to carry on dialogue by periodic meeting among themselves with data
processing as and when the data come through, to come out with some scientific conclusions
which will take some time. The publication of the study in a scientific journal can only be
considered thereafter at the discretion of principal investigator.

It’s been two months after the completion of his study and with the data still “coming through,” we’ve seen none of it. We may never see the data if, “at the discretion of principal investigator,” publication of the study in a peer-reviewed scientific journal is avoided.

2 thoughts on “Prahlad Jani Update: PI Still Waiting for Data to “Come Through””

  1. Alex says:

    Mr. Jim, you sound skeptical and doubtful of this experiment because you do not have faith in the method adopted by ancient yogi. You think that bathing (which Jani did not take) and garlge with samll volume of water (which Jani did not drink) should be sufficient to sustain him for 15 days. Your own religion is preventing you to believe this amazing feat since there is no such incident reported in bible while hindu scriptures are replete with such cases. No one has any interest in faking the experiment. The experiment was done under joint supervision of a panel of doctors including from army and jani was monitored continuously with vedio camera.

    1. Jim says:

      I notice you don’t have any documentation of any of that.

      As documents linked to in the post show, the principal investigator openly states that he has a pre-existing interest in showing the world that such fasting is possible, and he openly declares his Jain faith prevents him from questioning the veracity of that faith’s precepts.

      Finally, you assume I’m an adherent of a Bible-based religion. That’s interesting.

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