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The Care and Feeding of a Small, Dependent Judeo-Christian God

Littlefield Memorial Baptist Church Sign beseeches: America Bless God!“America Bless God” — Littlefield Memorial Baptist Church, Rockland Maine

“America Bless God Ministry’s purpose is to awaken our country and the world to how we can truly bless God.
It is our obedience to God which truly blesses Him. We must live according to His Word, the Bible.” — America Bless God Ministry Thoughts to Consider

“America Bless God… God needs us to prove our love for Him” — Lena Marie’s Discipleship Page

“Yes, God needs us. He has placed the spreading of the Gospel in our hands. We must continue to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to meet this tremendous responsibility. We must not fail our God.” — Does God Need Me?

“Yes, God needs us to love and adore him, as he does adore us.” — Does God Need You?

“The one who blesses becomes an agent of self-realization and fulfillment for the one who receives the blessing. We ‘conjure’ a blessing. Even for God. And when we ‘bless’ God, since God is the source of all life, we effectively enable the Holy One to bless us. In blessing God, we are blessing ourselves!” — Lawrence Kushner and Nehemia Polen, Filling Words with Light

One thought on “The Care and Feeding of a Small, Dependent Judeo-Christian God”

  1. Buffy says:

    The Great and Powerful Oz sure can’t seem to take care of himself, eh?

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