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Wisconsin Wildlife Federation Asks for Distance From Liberal America

Oh, dear.

Some time ago, we had provided a simple hyperlink, without comment, to the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation on a list of progressive resources for the state. This weekend, we’ve received a request from the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, asking that our web page no longer link to his organization. The Director explained to us that perceived association of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation with American liberals would cause his organization harm.

By all means, we will not only remove that simple, comment-less link to the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, but will also help the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation in its quest for greater distance from inconvenient liberals, even those of you who wash. Whatever you do, American liberals, please don’t make any reference to the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. It would embarrasses them so very deeply. It would cause injury.

If you are an American liberal and are looking for a Wisconsin conservation organization to support, perhaps one that does not find your existence to be an injury, consider the Wisconsin State Green Party or the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. It is our current understanding that both of these groups are actively concerned with environmental issues and that neither of these groups has a current allergy to contact with liberals.

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