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Combined Political and Overseas Donation: World of Good Development Organization

When you buy one of our sweatshop-free t-shirts, you do more than spread a liberal political message across your chest. For every shirt we sell, we pledge to donate $1 to a progressive political cause and to send another $1 to someone starting up a small self-administered enterprise in the developing world.

This month, we’re combining the two pots of money and sending all of our donation to the World of Good Development Organization (related to but not the same as the World of Good network of Fair Trade shops) — and we’re doing so because World of Good combines progressive organizing with overseas microgrants. The microgrants are directed toward community improvement projects in the developing world, with local organizations hired to implement the projects in order to achieve a second-order infusion of community capital.

At the same time, World of Good seeks to empower the people who make goods and the people who buy goods with concrete information about existing and livable wage standards in countries across the globe. World of Good has a fair wage guide that provides four measurements for “fairness” and allows a person to compare what these fair wages would be to actual wages a factory worker receives in a country. Another project of World of Good is to gather empirical information about actual wages for particular types of jobs in a country. These sorts of information can provide bargaining power for factory workers and the power to make ethical decisions for consumers.

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