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Gingrich Insists On No American Freedom Until Saudi Arabia Embraces Christianity

Though Newt Gingrich is still playing coy games about rumors he’s created himself about whether he’ll for President in 2012, he’s busy promoting himself in other ways, creating a propaganda organization that’s dedicated to the theocratic goal of “restoring our Judeo-Christian heritage” – a private, non-governmental heritage that’s shared by only by a diminishing number of Americans. As part of this mission, Gingrich is now calling for the government to prohibit Muslim worship in certain Islam-free zones in the United States.

“There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia,” Gingrich says. Of course, no one is proposing building a mosque near “Ground Zero” (a term which used to refer to the place where an American nuclear bomb detonated over Hiroshima) in New York City. The building that’s being proposed is an interfaith community center.

I wouldn’t want to live in Saudi Arabia, where Islam is strictly enforced, but that’s because I don’t think any religion should be strictly enforced. The Gingrich model for dealing with Saudi theocratic tyranny is to impose a similar theocratic tyranny here in the United States.

It’s a fine approach, if your goal is to have Christianity win over Islam. If your goal is to have American liberty prevail over efforts to restrict religious freedom, however, Newt Gingrich’s plan looks a lot like surrender.

12 thoughts on “Gingrich Insists On No American Freedom Until Saudi Arabia Embraces Christianity”

  1. Ralph Dratman says:

    Even the sneakiest advocates of breaking down the barrier between church and state have never tried to violate the First Amendment rule that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Some Republicans have argued for a strictly limited interpretation of that rule, implying that nothing beyond law enacted by the U.S. Congress is constrained thereby, but Gingrich’s grotesque plan would require the revision or repeal of the First Amendment! Since that is never going to happen, Gingrich is clearly making an isolated, demagogic appeal to the very worst, most anti-democratic, most bigoted segments of the public.

    In other words, Gingrich has gone completely over the edge. I hope he falls a long, long way and hits bottom in a splash.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    Ralph, there have been plenty of violations of the First Amendment establishment clause, by both Democrats and Republicans. Plenty. Did you really mean to say that no one had ever tried to violate that?

  3. Ralph Dratman says:

    What violations do you have in mind?

    1. Ross Levin says:

      One that comes to mind are the laws against saying antiwar things during WWI. That was under Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Socialist Eugene V. Debs was even arrested for making an antiwar speech then, and he got almost 1,000,000 votes for president from his prison cell.

    2. J. Clifford says:

      I have a huge number in mind. To start with, I could ask you to look at you money, or to look up records the government religious ceremonies of the official, taxpayer funded, government religion, Christian-only, posts of House and Senate chaplains. We could move on from there to the huge history of congressional legislation seeking to elevate Christianity above other religions…

      It would take a book to list it all.

  4. Ross Levin says:

    Looks like this is turning into a GOP talking point…

    Tennessee GOP Candidate Questions Whether Islam Is a Religion

    Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey is coming under criticism for questioning whether Islam is a religion and suggesting the Constitution’s protection of freedom of religion should not apply to Muslims. Ramsey made the comments while campaigning for the state’s Republican gubernatorial primary race.

    Ron Ramsey: “Now, you know, I’m all about freedom of religion. I value the First Amendment as much as I value the Second Amendment as much as I value the Tenth Amendment and on and on and on. But then you cross the line when they try to start bringing sharia law here to the States, into the United States. We’re already in law, and we live under our Constitution, and they live under our Constitution…Now, you could even argue whether being a Muslim is actually a religion, or is it a nationality, way of life or cult, whatever you want to call it. But certainly we do protect our religions, but at the same time this is something we are going to have to face.”

  5. John F. says:

    I agree with Newt. After seeing what’s happening to other cultures and countries, mostly in western Europe, one sees that this muslim ‘religion’ is much, much more than a ‘religion’, its an insane and terrible progression of political ideas which enslave and terrorize not only the followers, but those who wish not to follow. They’re a threat to any nation which allows them to flourish.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      So, what you propose, John, is a nation in which the government decides which religions will be allowed to flourish, and which religions would be squashed.

      I have a name to remind you of the Christian history with that form of government: Bloody Mary.

  6. JD says:

    Perigrin, Yesterday Jim reported that the Cordoba Center isn’t a mosque but that there would be one inside the center. Today you say no one is proposing building a mosque near “Ground Zero”. The link Jim provided shows that the Cordoba House is within about three city blocks of the World Trade Center site (I didn’t see anything about a mosque. If Jim is right (and he most often seems to be), while you may not agree with Newt’s opinions, the Cordoba House will put a mosque near the trade center.

  7. Leticia says:


    Mayor “Napoleon” Bloomberg and his backstabbing cronies must have a $tupendou$ rea$on which they can’t reveal for wanting a sharia-hugging mosque near Ground Zero!
    But the sharia “cobra” they’re toying with can quickly grow its fangs and then say “Smile, you’re on Candid Scimitar and will soon be buried in a scimitary, ha ha ha!” – proving that one good backstabbing deserves another!
    God-haters and America-haters may not realize how high the collective temperature has now risen in the hearts of true American patriots – many of whom are now willing to die for America right here in America if they get pushed completely over the line!
    Since the nation’s headquarters for treason is the White House, readers can enjoy related material if they Google “Obama Avoids Bible Verses” & “Obama Supports Public Depravity” and also Google “Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman” in addition to Googling “Obama…destined to become a black-slavery avenger.”
    And by all means visit Googleland and type in “Government-Approved Illegals” and “Un-Americans Fight Franklin Graham.”
    I hope Mayor Bloomberg, dressed as Napoleon, will thoroughly enjoy his mosquerade party!
    PS – Since Jane Fonda still loves leftist causes, here’s a one-liner I penned during the Vietnam War era that the big Kansas City paper ran: “I’m not Fonda Jane; her Laosy remarks Hanoi me!”
    PPS – Interestingly, many conservative evangelicals have lately given up belief in a “pretribulation rapture” (the 180-year-old, fringe-British-invented, escapist-and-thus-subversive theological aberration behind the rapture bestsellers by Lindsey, LaHaye etc.) and now believe they will be on earth, standing against evil, during at least a portion of Antichrist’s diabolical reign. Widely read Google articles like “Pretrib Rapture – Hidden Facts,” “Pretrib Rapture Secrecy” and “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” have helped to bring about this “pretrib” mutiny.

    A Kansas Patriot

    [submitted by Leticia, viewed above article on the web]

    1. J. Clifford says:

      You know, “Leticia”, it’s telling that you can’t even be bothered to speak for yourself. Consider what kind of movement you’re a part of, that you’re merely cutting and pasting someone else’s words. It doesn’t sound like a movement that values your individuality.

  8. Jim says:

    It’s not just Newt Gingrich who wants to turn America into another Saudi Arabia. I’m looking at this morning’s USA Today and see in the letters section someone who only identifies as “Ginsing” and declares: “I feel strongly that the bridges to understanding and peace between Islam and Christianity should begin in countries like Saudi Arabia. Until that country, with it’s closed religious society, is opened to all religions, building mosques throughout the United States will serve no purpose other than promoting Islam in this country.”

    Houses of worship tend to do that sort of thing. Nothing gets by Ginsing.

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