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Skreened Shirts Off 50 Percent Just Today

Update: as of November 2015 Skreened NOW DOES sell shirts made outside the United States, for whom compensation CANNOT be confirmed, and backed up only by the corporate front group FLA. WE CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND SKREENED and WILL NO LONGER SELL WITH THEM. Skreened no longer permits shopowners to specify ethical-only garments made in the USA under known conditions. The company’s initial ethical commitments are no longer in force and in our opinion Skreened is questionable at best as a source of shirts.

Groupon is a site where people can get significant discounts on stuff, with one significant limitation: There have to be enough people taking advantage of a particular Groupon deal for the deal to take effect. If not enough people join in the offer, it is rescinded. The Groupon site works as a great way to provoke word of mouth, as people communicate with others about the deal in order to make sure that the discount is activated.

I’m happy to note that there’s a great Groupon deal for one of the businesses we work with: Skreened. Skreened is a shirt retailer that only sells shirts that are made in the USA, free of sweatshop labor. They’re a super-ethical company, and so they take a portion of their profits and make Kiva microloans to people in developing countries as well.

On top of that, when you buy from our particular Skreened shop, Irregular Apparel, we’ll make a donation of our own, plus another donation to a progressive organization. Good things happen all over when you order one of our Skreened shirts.

For the next 7 hours, a special Groupon offer allows you to claim a coupon for a 50 percent discount on a Skreened shirt. The offer is good for a year from the time you claim it. So, you don’t even have to need a tshirt now – just so long as you’ll know that you’ll be wanting a tshirt within the next year, you’re covered.

Today’s Groupon Deal for Skreened has already been activated, too. A minimum of 25 participants was passed hours ago. 123 people are now participating. Why not join in?

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