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Common Good Cafe an uncommonly good stop on Mt. Desert Island

Common Good Cafe right next to Acadia National Park on the Southern tip of Mount Desert Island

If you find yourself on Mount Desert Island, perhaps to see the most extravagant beauties of Acadia National Park, take a stop to the often-neglected southwestern corner of the island for two highlights: the Wonderland trail leads to a low-tide tidepooling paradise with starfish and limpets and mussels and crabs and an astonishing variety of ocean plants revealed to the careful eye. Just up the road lies the Common Good Cafe, a wide open operation that invites all comers to free fair trade coffee and wi-fi, yummy zuchinni chocolate chip bread, gourmet pesto pizza and loads of greens that are locally-grown. The view of surf along a natural seawall is spectacular. As you leave you can take a refreshing breath, and not just because of the bracing sea air. You’ll know that the proceeds of your meal went to support the operations of a natural food soup kitchen.


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