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Witch Child Attacks Spread In UK

During the 2008 presidential election, we wrote of the connections between Sarah Palin and preachers in Africa who supported literal witch hunts, inflicting violence upon innocent people, even children, in an effort to encourage loyalty to their churches.

Now, the BBC has produced a documentary showing that abuse in the name of fighting witchcraft is spreading in the United Kingdom as well. Included in Britain’s Witch Children, now available to watch online, is the story of Victoria Climbié, a girl accused of witchcraft, whose dead body was covered with 128 wounds when she was finally delivered to law enforcement.

A preacher from London’s Universal Church of the Kingdom of God saw the girl in wretched condition just a few days before she died. He concluded that Climbié was possessed by demons, and so did nothing to protect the child from violent attacks that included burnings and beatings with a hammer.

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