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International Microloan: Pablo Ylma, Used Electronics Repair

In addition to donating a dollar to a liberal cause in America every time we sell a sweat-free shirt through Skreened, we send another dollar to an entrepreneur in the developing world who’s trying to self-start business. That way, you can have the security of knowing that the shirt on your back was made with respect for the human who made it, but you also can be assured that some money is being directed to the developing nations that desperately need capital.

This time around, we’re sending funds to Pablo David Cespedes Ylma of Chiclayo, Peru, who will use the funds to support his business of repairing used electronics and offering them up for resale. This is an environmentally responsible business that offers Mr. Ylma the prospect of economic independence.

6 thoughts on “International Microloan: Pablo Ylma, Used Electronics Repair”

  1. Jim says:

    OK, but what does this mean regarding Pablo Ylma?

  2. Tom says:

    a) i couldn’t find any place else to put it which would be MORE telling of the juxtaposition of dirt poor vs ridiculously wealthy.
    b) (for the Carlin clip)It illustrates the attitude of the “haves” about everyone else in “their” world.
    c) (the “new” stimulus) They get theirs directly from “our” government (or OUR money), whereas people like Pablo have to rely on the
    generosity of strangers.

  3. Tom says:

    Have you seen this yet, Jim? (it’s about money, so i guess it applies):

  4. Jim says:

    Hadn’t read the piece, so thanks for the note. The unreality of money is a theme on social philosophy going back to the 19th Century. All that Lambert describes happened before computers.

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