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Compost Challenge Pumpkin Patch Postmortem

The compost test I’ve arranged in my garden this year has come to an end with the long-drawn out death by nibbles of the pumpkin sprouts I planted as seeds in plain dirt in June:

Two month old pumpkin sprout in planted in unamended dirt, never thriving and heading listlessly toward its demise

Just a few feet away, the pumpkin seeds I planted on the same June day in compost-amended soil (but otherwise gave equal treatment) are thriving, blooming pumpkin plants:

Pumpkin seeds planted in compost grow vigorously

It’s a knockout victory for compost-based gardening.

1 comment to Compost Challenge Pumpkin Patch Postmortem

  • Tom

    The tomato blight or “rust” that had been so bad last year returned this year, but i got a tremendous haul of wonderful tomatoes (and gave a bunch to neighbors and a “soup kitchen” in our town) before my plants died. Lots of them still have fruit on them. This disease has spread to my peppers too, but i have a bunch of them on the vine still and plan to pick them when they ripen.

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