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RC is the New PC: Religious Correctness Police Go After Six Flags

You know, there’s this line. Some people recognize the line, and some people don’t. On one side of the line is your head and everything that goes on inside it. On the other side lie all the other heads. Some people grasp that they can try to control what goes on in their own heads, but that other people’s heads are off limits. Sure, you can share with others a bit of what’s been going on in your head. Maybe if you drop a little of your brain onto the ground someone might pick it up and play with it. But you can’t cram your own brain droppings into other people’s noggins. Just speaking practically, it doesn’t work: brains having things flung at them tend to close up nice and tight.

Other people don’t recognize the line between me and thee; for them, others’ heads are just extensions of their own. Surely, they decide, everyone else must believe what I believe. Not might. Not should. The word is must.

Take Paul LePage, for instance. He’s running for Governor of Maine on the Republican Party ticket, and he’s a self-professed creationist. From my point of view LePage’s creationism is kind of silly, but you know what? He’s entitled to believe what he wants to believe. Go for it, Paul: imagine that greatest conceivable being designing the giraffe’s laryngeal nerve. Get vasovagal. Knock yourself out.

Unfortunately, Paul LePage won’t leave it at that. He doesn’t recognize that line between his head and everyone else’s head. LePage declared with an unequiovcal “yes” that he thinks creationism should be taught in Maine public schools. Apparently, his notions aren’t real enough in his own head unless they’re stuck into everyone else’s head.

Such public school creationist policy yearning does not extend beyond Paul LePage’s own brand of creationism. How about a LePage plan to teach schoolkids that the universe arose from the masturbation byproducts of a hermaphrodite? Perish the thought! That wouldn’t be Religiously Correct (RC). Only the RC version of creationism is covered.

Similarly, there’s no problem in America’s conservative centers with special days at the Six Flags amusement parks for religious organizations; they happen all the time. A couple of days ago, they held AME Church Day at a six flags in Georgia. That’s unremarkable to America’s Christian conservatives because it’s an example of the outside world matching what goes on in their own heads.

But what happens when some group pops up thinking something different but asking for the same services? Well, that becomes intolerable. And so the Tea Party Patriots (run by Republican Party consultants) flip out when Islamic groups schedule a Muslim discount day at Six Flags. Islam can’t be publicly expressed in America because it doesn’t reflect the conservative Christianity inside Glenn Beck’s head. There’s no line between he and thee.

If it isn’t in their heads, it can’t possibly be Religiously Correct. And if it isn’t RC, it’s got to go.

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