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Another Orange Day with Billions Down the Hole

Another day out of thousands on Orange Alert.
Another day without a terrorist attack.
Another day with billions of dollars spent to herd people like cows.
Another day with agents of the state watching your moves and your words.

To the agent looking for words describing a Homeland Security threat, let me offer a few choice words:

I am not a cow. Resources to combat problems that actually kill millions are limited. And if everything is always orange, maybe orange doesn’t even exist at all.

18 thoughts on “Another Orange Day with Billions Down the Hole”

  1. Jacob says:

    I watched an episode of “Criminal Minds” last night that portrayed an anthrax attack on the US. They did make a valid point about the ignorance of the public in things of national security. I wonder how many attacks have been stopped that we know nothing about. I wonder how many things the government knows that we do not. Would it really help for the public to know everytime something happened? If there had been a nuclear bomb pointed at the US for the past month would it help you knowing that? Would life be better with that knowledge? Sometimes I think us being out of the loop is a good thing. It allows us to live our lifes and not tremble in the basements.

    Maybe nothing has happened and we are always on orange

    But maybe you just dont know about it…

  2. F.G. Fitzer says:

    I wonder how many times watching TV shows has prevented an alien invasion.

    I wonder how many times throwing salt over my shoulder has prevented evil spells from ruining my life.

    I wonder how many times knocking on wood has prevented bad luck.

    I wonder how many times children carefully walking on sidewalks has prevented mothers from breaking their spines.

    Maybe we just don’t know about it…

    I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you subscribe to my Secret Security package. You pay me ten dollars a day, and in return, I will work to prevent attacks from killer wombats. You won’t necessarily see the benefits of my work, except that you won’t suffer any wombat attacks.

    Will you take the deal, Jacob?

    1. Jacob says:

      Is 100% visibilty/transparency possible or beneficial? I think this is a very real question. The answer isnt as black and white as you make it sound. Not just because of the reaction of the average American, but also because of the need to keep nonfriendlys without information.

      1. Jim says:

        So answer the question, then. Are you going to subscribe to the wombat security service? If not, why subscribe to the terrorist protection plan? Both COULD happen. There has to be a difference.

        1. Jacob says:

          Is there is a team of Wombats that has blown up thousands of innocent people while they work? Is there team of Wombats with nuclear capabilities that have shown interest in the complete annihalation of the human race in America? When wombats start flying planes into buildings or killing my friends then I will allow my tax dollars to go to that cause. If no more buildings get blown up and no more of my friends die I will consider it a success. I would rather spend money and have nothing happen then not spend money and bury my children. Would I like information sometimes? Sure. Do I want those who want us dead to have that information? No. Is it possible to release information to only the good guys? No.

          My kids are still alive and so are millions of Americans. Regardless of what happens behind the scenes I consider this money well spent.

          1. Jim says:

            “nuclear” terrorists are as much the stuff of TV fiction as wombat terrorists.

            Why don’t you demand that the federal govt spend obscene amounts on every other cause of death that leads to more death than terrorism? Like bowel obstructions…

          2. Jacob says:

            “nuclear” terrorists are as much the stuff of TV fiction as wombat terrorists

            How do you know that?

          3. Jim says:

            The only place you can document a terrorist with a nuke or a wombat attack force is in a TV movie.

          4. Jacob says:

            Another good talk Jim. Glad we have these…

          5. F.G. Fitzer says:

            How do you know there isn’t a little silent octopus living as a parasite in the middle of your brain?

          6. Jacob says:

            I am always impressed with the intellegent dialogue on this site. Its just so smart and it really helps work towards understanding and solving issues. Well done. Now that we have a terror wombats and brain controlling octopuses covered the issue is solved. I applaud your efforts…

          7. F.G. Fitzer says:

            Jacob, as you well know, the purpose of these questions is to point out the absurdly low standards of proof that you are asking us to accept about terrorism. I note that you can’t grapple with the implications of the questions, and so you’re side-stepping the issue by launching an ad hominem attack on our personal intelligence.

          8. Jacob says:


          9. Jacob says:

            Also, I dont remember asking you to accept anything or stating any specific point of my personal belief. I simply put a statement out there for discussion. I do wonder. I didnt offer a solid answer. How much can we expect to know? My overall point, which you have failed to even address the first point. You went into classic IT spagetti monster form (does not further any discussion by the way). Do you really think its that black and white. Should the public know everything? Where is the line? If there are memos going back and forth in homeland security discussion our most vulnirable points and how they could fix them does that make our country safe? Wouldnt people like Bin Laden have access to that. If we told everyone what/who we were looking for and when wouldnt that give an edge to the bad guys? Call me crazy but I think dialogue is important.

            As for “ad hominem attack on our personal intelligence”

            How can I not laugh at that. I make a statment and the same thing happened that tends to happen often here at IT, an ad hominem attack on my personal intelligence was launched. ‘You disagree with me? HA! wombats! aliens! take that punk! lets see you answer those tough questions. You believe in God? Ha! Idiot! Pasta monster! Take that! Lets see you disect that question…’ Come on. You are a smart man, you know that is not real dialouge. That is not seeking real answers.

  3. JD says:

    Orange may be the new green. My guess is that few of the masses know neither what level we are on nor what the levels mean. What Jacob seems to be saying is that that might be a good thing. And maybe Jim, Jacob and I agree that the colors don’t have much (or any) real meaning. However, I wonder if there’s a day that goes by without attacks being planned or efforts to thwart them being undertaken. Opinions are mighty cheap but I doubt if there’s a good way to know if we are getting our money’s worth.

    1. Jim says:

      Yes, there is. It’s called government transparency and accountability through reports to the public that may not name names but at least provide SOME degree of trackable information to the American public whose consent is supposed to be the basis of government.

      Schmazillions of dollars are being spent on the Homeland Security apparatus and the dignity of patillions of humans is being sacrificed at the altar of fear. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for data showing that there’s a basis to fear serious attacks.

      A TV movie doesn’t count.

  4. deep thinker says:

    Paranoia, money and politics. Bush, Obama, whoever. It’s now a self-feeding institution and will be with us until the states stand up and say enough.

  5. Tom says:

    It’s now impossible to have “transparent” government and any real accountability – on account of the government is now operating illegally (ie. not according to the very Constitution they are “sworn” to uphold) and everybody from the President thru Congress and the Justice Dept. are ALL complicit in it! Warrantless wiretapping is now fully sanctioned by the Justice Dept. after being passed by Congress at the request of then President Bush (or Cheney, take your pick). The Federal Reserve is now printing fiat money to back up insolvent banks at the expense of the real value of the dollar (in purchasing power) and the disappearing wealth of the citizens.

    The government is a complete farce – especially the policies and attitudes of the so-called Homeland Security clowns. We’re causing our very own collapse from within while they’re running around after boogey-men. It’s the same with respect to the environment.

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