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Are these hotel perks for families? Are they new?

Roger Yu’s article in yesterday’s USA Today grabbed my attention for its headline claim that “Hotels court business travelers’ spouses, kids.”

Yu’s examples of new perks offered to court the spouses and children of business travelers:

•In 2011, Homewood Suites will revamp and expand its hotels’ fitness facilities. They’ll also install machines that have plug-in ports for TV and music, Raynor says.
•Renaissance Hotels says it monitors local hot spots and events, such as street fairs, sporting events and shows, and provides guests a current list at check-in.
•At Kimpton’s Palomar Chicago, a manager who’s also a marathon runner leads guests twice a week in a 3-to-4-mile jog that doubles as a sightseeing tour along Lake Michigan.
•Radisson Hotels announced Monday that it’s started selling a package that includes free Internet access, breakfast, a newspaper, turn-down service, a drink credit and early check-in. It costs about $30 more, Kirschke says.

OK, that jogging tour is pretty spiffy. But are free internet access, breakfast, newspapers, turn-down service, early check-in, fitness centers with jacks for iPods, and a concierge desk really anything new for hotels? Are such services really particularly family-related?

1 comment to Are these hotel perks for families? Are they new?

  • Early check-in is now standard. So are the plugs in the fitness machines. I don’t know anyone who’s dying for turndown service. I’ve personally done the Lake Michigan run, and it goes one of two ways: 1) Summer, when it’s hot and really stinky in the city or 2) Winter, when it’s brutally cold and icy in the city.

    Any fool can find events in a city using the Internet these days. Newspaper used to be standard in hotels, and it’s only been rescinded because of the recession.

    I can’t imagine this turning anyone on.

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