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Radicals Massing Along Mexico Border

Today, a large number of radicals are gathering along the border with Mexico in a remote stretch of desert. They’re placing messages on the structures that have been designed to thwart border crossings.

If this were happening on the Mexican side of the border, Tea Party activists would say it was a sign of an impending invasion. Instead, the Tea Party activists are organizing the event, which is designed to provoke.

It’s necessary for the xenophobic Tea Party to work hard to provoke concerns about border security, because actually, border crossings have been decreasing for years. What’s more, Barack Obama and the congressional Democrats just approved hundreds of millions of dollars to strengthen border security even more.

So, what exactly are the Tea Party radicals protesting? It appears that their protest is a statement against the insistence of an increasingly smaller group of Americans who insist upon remaining calm in the face of a lack of crisis.

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