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Confirmed: Americans Elect editorial prompted by Invitation-Only meeting in Aspen

Everyone knows that “from a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products in August.” But you can lay the groundwork. Americans Elect, the corporation with an aim of electing its own President of the USA, is gearing up its public relations machine. As it turns out, the first editorial to pass judgment on Americans Elect was prompted by Americans Elect itself.

Last week I noted that in his editorial effusively praising the new Americans Elect Section 527 political corporation, Raymond Learsy oddly cited contact information unavailable in any public source. Today Mr. Learsy wrote to me to explain how this was possible.

Learsy explained that he gained contact information for Americans Elect COO Kahlil Byrd and Americans Elect public relations contractor Wendy Drake after being invited to an exclusive, invitation-only meeting with Americans Elect in Aspen that took place some time in the past two weeks (this time frame seems to place the invitation-only meeting with Americans Elect a good number of days after the conclusion of this summer’s Aspen Ideas Festival, at which no officer of Americans Elect is listed as a speaker). Learsy declined to share further information about the meeting, explaining that the subject matter was confidential: “meant to be for the particpants of the meeting only.”

Raymond Learsy’s essay contended that Americans Elect is a grassroots solution to the clubby, members-only politics of the day. But Americans Elect has not begun its 2012 presidential campaign in a public, full disclosure, grassroots manner. Americans Elect is rolling itself out in a private, confidential, exclusive manner.

4 thoughts on “Confirmed: Americans Elect editorial prompted by Invitation-Only meeting in Aspen”

  1. mike says:

    if they actually put up a candidate for 2010, then don’t you think they should be listed under a separate party, like the “corporate party” (although, we already have two of those)? then they can be denied entry into the debates, too. same goes for tea partiers.

  2. Fruity says:

    It’s a political insiders club! Only the Select are allowed to be in control. Their “grassroots” means that Americans will have the freedom to give them lots of money.

  3. Tom says:

    When the ship of state is sinking, it matters little who is at the helm (and the deckhands don’t make any difference either).

  4. Jim Cook says:

    The 3rd quarter disclosure report for Americans Elect confirms that the group was in Aspen — possibly twice during the summer — to make a presentation.

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