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If She Stops Eating For 40 Days, Will Her Candidates Win The Election?

Most people, when they think about supporting their congressional candidates of choice, consider methods such as making financial donations, signing petitions, putting a campaign bumper sticker on their cars, or canvassing door to door. Not Cindy Jacobs.

Cindy Jacobs is one of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders. The ACPE is a group of tightly wound evangelical Christians who believe that their god gives them special messages that enable them to predict the future.

One of Cindy’s latest prophecies is that the Christian God is asking Americans to participate in “a forty day fast leading up to the election beginning on September 24th through election day November 2, 2010.” The Prophet Cindy asserts that if enough believers stop eating for a long period of time, right wing Christian candidates for Congress will be assured of victory – and the economy’s vigor will be restored, too.

Should we discourage this message? I don’t know. If members of the Religious Right spend a month and a half this year abstaining from food instead of campaign for their favored candidates, it could take some energy away from their radical political movement.

Fast away, Cindy.

11 comments to If She Stops Eating For 40 Days, Will Her Candidates Win The Election?

  • Tom

    How do these people come up with this crap? Are they delusional? Do they hear voices in their head or is every idea that pops into their heads FROM GOD? (God is telling me to poop now.)

    What a load of bullshit. Prophesy my ass. You wanna be religious, lady? Then do something good for EVERYONE, not just your little circle of friends. i can’t imagine a “christian” god supporting war (when he also states THOU SHALT NOT KILL).
    These people are so caught up in their little imagination that they can’t see what they’re really doing (or the consequences of their actions).

  • Jim

    No, no, Tom. No crap or shit or poop. Not for 40 days, at least.

    A “fast” can mean many things, not necessarily meaning eating NO food.

    • Jacob

      Very true Jim. This time of year is a prime example of that point. The Islamic holiday of Ramadan which is now taking place calls for fasting to take place during day time. Between sunset and sunrise eating can take place. I dont know much about it but there might be some diatery restrictions even during that time though.

      Fasting is very diverse in its nature. Here is a link to 4 types;

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