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Christian Prophets Proclaim Tea Party Destiny

The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders has a whole bunch of interesting ideas, including the proposal that right wing evangelicals can win congressional elections for their favored candidates by refusing to eat for weeks on end. Apparently, when divine beings speak directly to you, they can’t be expected to work within the narrow confines of rational sense.

This council of Christian prophets has many political revelations from Heaven above. One of the more recent ACPE prophecies has to do with the Tea Party. God has spoken, it seems, and has anointed the Tea Party as an Army of the Lord for our time. The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders proclaims,

“Activism will manifest as new armies of the Lord being raised up. Find your place and let your voice be heard.

Over the next years in the United States there will be a new third political party that will arise. The Lord is preparing His leadership for this party that will come out of the citizens of the United States groaning under the corruption of the old guard. Many leaders are being tested and tried in the fire right now who will take leadership in due time, for it will begin not so much as a political party but a movement. The movement will become a party in time.”

What are we to do with this prophecy? I say it’s a perfect test of the ability of human free will to overcome the supposed omnipotence of the Christian God. If the prophets of the ACPE are correct, we won’t be able to stop the Tea Party from developing into a genuine political party. If the Tea Party doesn’t develop into a genuine political party, we’ll know that the prophets of the ACPE are frauds, or that their god is a weakling not to be bothered with.

3 thoughts on “Christian Prophets Proclaim Tea Party Destiny”

  1. mike says:

    I hope the army of god DOES, finally, form a real party.. so the republican vote will be split forever.

  2. Lisa Krempasky Attorney says:

    I’m tired of people bashing tea parties. The attendees are not doing anything at all that is wrong. Their view is no more invalid than those who do not attend. This is America for goodness sakes. Let people view the views and let the best view win.

  3. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Bashing? Who’s taking a stick and hitting them? Who’s throwing rocks at them? Bashing?

    Oh. Oh, I see. When you say “bashing”, you mean to say you wish people would not criticize the GOP-funded Tea Party events.

    Why do you think that the Tea Party should be put in an elite position, protected from criticism?

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