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American Military Punishes Soldiers For Not Joining Christian Worship

Top officers within the U.S. military are abusing their power to coerce soldiers into participating in acts of Christian worship. In one instance of this abuse, Major General James Chambers organized a Spiritual Fitness Concert Series, which he promised would feature performers of “different religious backgrounds”. The concerts, which are funded by money gathered from the American people, have actually only featured evangelical Christian performers. Non-Christians haven’t been allowed to perform. The Christian performances feature Christian religious messages, mixed with prayer, Bible readings, and efforts to convert the audience from the stage.

At a recent Spiritual Fitness Concert, given by the group BarlowGirl at Fort Eustis, soldiers were marched in formation to the concert, and then were faced with a choice: Go to the concert, or return to their baracks under punishing “lockdown” conditions, in which soldiers are not allowed to engage in personal recreation activities such as communicating with family members online. The only things that the lockdown soldiers who decided to refuse the Christian worship concert could do were A) Clean up the baracks and engage in other chores, or B) Go to sleep. The night of the concert was usually a time for soldiers to have unrestricted relaxation.

American soldiers are being locked up, held prisoner as punishment for doing nothing more than refusing to take part in Christian worship. How can the American military claim to be fighting to defend our liberty, when it’s working to undermine liberty right here on American soil?

9 thoughts on “American Military Punishes Soldiers For Not Joining Christian Worship”

  1. Mosheh Thezion says:

    You can’t be serious….



    The fact that they allowed a concert at all, WAS A GIFT TO THE TROOPS… NOT A PUNISHMENT.

    SURE… they limit who can play for the troops… why wouldnt they?????????

    should they let EMINEM, or Narco music… or.. ganster rap???????

    You act as if love for God is a bad thing.

    Is that what your saying?

    Are you saying its wrong to promote God?

    -Mosheh Thezion
    Candidate for President in 2012

    1. Jacob says:

      I am not the smartest man around so I may be wrong on this but I believe most of the time the items listed behind “I will immediately sign an executive order” on your site are not within the power of the president to do alone.

  2. Mosheh Thezion says:


    The first line should Read.

    :first of all… SOLDIERS… SHOULD “”””””not”””””””” BE SPENDING THEIR DAYS.. AT CONCERTS

    -Mosheh Thezion

  3. Ralph says:

    Is it wrong to promote God? Absolutely, when it is done by a state. States that promote God are theocracies, not democracies.

    I want to live in a democracy where the state neither promotes not attacks any religion, but treats them all equally–not in a theocracy where the government promotes one religion to the detriment of other faiths and ideologies.

    What kind of country do YOU want to live in, Mosheh?

    1. Jacob says:

      His website addresses that.

      ” I created a pluralist religious order, based on a foundation of science and religious faith, as derived from consideration of my Unifying Field Theory, and organized it, to fulfill the sacerdotal function of love and family, instead of the typical effort of worship, prayer and preaching.”

      1. Ralph says:

        Yes, he goes on and on about things like that. Unfortunately, it seems to be an inelegant mish-mash of libertarian ideology, Judeo-Christian morality, and his own personal musings. If anything, it seems like his vision of the place he wants to turn America into is a place where everyone sees things the way Mosheh sees them. Because, you know, he gets it.

        1. Anonymous says:

          To me he sounds like he wants to usher in the anti christ and end times. All of his talk sounds a lot like fullfilment of the end times prophesys. Of course, he doesnt sound like one of the good guys…

  4. Mosheh Thezion says:

    I am a plurilist… and the only requirement for your religion… is that you… be able to defend your beliefs….. and if you cannot.. then you must be open to change your beliefs… as I am…. always.

    Satanism…is,… very specific… all you have to do is study it.

    and low and behold.. you wake up to the fact that… open satanism…. is… open capatilism…. open… consumption… open… adherence…. to an unconstitutional government.. which offers the people.. slave benefits.

    ThaT IS A FACT.

    The new deal of 1933… made all Americans… into slaves.. chattle.. to be controled by corporate investor interests…

    WHICH IS THE SAME THING AS MEDIEVIL EUROPE… sharecroppers… and debt slaves.

    Study it.

    When you do… you will support me, instead of arguing.

    -Mosheh Thezion

    1. Fruktata says:

      Satan… has… forced… me to put… dots… into the… middle of my… sentences… Oh… the… agony!

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