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The Cancer Miracles of 2008 Never Came

What’s a prophet to do when prophecies refuse to come true?

Back in 2008, the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders made the following declaration:

“The frequency of the miraculous will increase–particularly unusual creative miracles. In this season we will see not only churches filled with miracles, but whole cities. ‘Cancer-free zones’ will be the medical talk of the day as some churches and cities have such frequency of seeing cancer healed that it catches the attention of many, including the secular news.”

– Cities filled with “particularly unusual” miracles.
– Cancer-free zones

Neither of these things took place. Search for yourself. You won’t find any news of them. The APCE specifically said that the “secular news” would take note of the miracles of cancer-free zones, but that never happened.

So, what’s a prophet to do when prophecies refuse to come true? If you’re a prophet with the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, you’ll go on making up new prophecies, as if the earlier false prophecies never too place.

1 comment to The Cancer Miracles of 2008 Never Came

  • Jacob

    The Bible speaks to how to test prophets and what to do when they are found to be false. One false prophesy = completly false prophete. When God speaks it comes true every time.

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