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Obama and the Birth of God

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that I just can’t get my head around. It reads, God and Obama have one thing in common: No birth certificate.

One thing that perplexes me about this bumper sticker is that Barack Obama does have a birth certificate. That’s been shown, over and over again. So, it seems, the fundamental premise of this bumper sticker is simply wrong.

But then, let’s suppose that Barack Obama did not have a birth certificate, as the bumper sticker asserts. Why bring God into the equation?

Is this an anti-God bumper sticker, or a pro-God bumper sticker? Is the maker of this bumper sticker asserting that God ought to be President? Is the maker of this bumper sticker claiming that God was born in Kenya and is a Muslim?

They’re offering this bumper sticker in packs of 50. Who could find 50 people that would be willing to put this sticker on their cars?

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