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Congressman John Fleming Promises Battle Against Atheists

What’s the proper role of the federal government? According to U.S. Representative John Fleming, the role of the government is to wage war against atheists on behalf of Christianity.

Here’s what Congressman Fleming had to say on the matter, talking about why he refuses to “reach across the aisle” and work with congressional Democrats:

“We are either going to go down the socialist road and become like western Europe and create, I guess, really a godless society, an atheist society, or we’re going to continue down the other pathway where we believe in freedom of speech, individual liberties and that we remain a Christian nation. So we’re going to have to win that battle, we’re going to have to solve that argument before we can once again reach across and work together on things.”

Yes, Representative Fleming is actually saying that Republicans can’t work with Democrats until the federal government wins the battle against the godless to make the USA a Christian nation.

Religious civil war, then cooperation after the smoke clears – that’s the Fleming agenda.

11 thoughts on “Congressman John Fleming Promises Battle Against Atheists”

  1. pub says:

    You Christian haters have been attacking Christians for years — you wanted a fight.
    Me = a real Atheist, not a Christian hater

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      How is wanting separation of church and state equivalent to be a “Christian hater”?

  2. Tom says:

    No, pub. The so-called “Christians” (who Christ would not abide) hate everyone who isn’t “of the flock” (as we can see by the on-going Bush/Obama anti-Muslim agenda) and feel they have to at least make life miserable (or actually kill) anyone who dares to question their “faith,” programs, or worldview (like abortion providers, lesbians & gays, anti-Intelligent Design proponents, atheists, agnostics, and anyone who gets in the way of their agenda). Why they can’t live in peace with others is beyond me.

    1. Jacob says:

      You dont understand why we cant live happily with abortion providers? Really?

      Watch the video at the bottom of the page

      1. Jacob's Mommy says:

        i wish abortions were legal when i found out about you.

        1. Jim says:

          Sadly, neither of those statements is reasonably measured.

  3. typical retard says:


  4. Tom says:

    Jacob – why the eff is it anyone else’s business whether someone gets an abortion for whatever reason they feel is valid? Are YOU going to take all these unwanted babies and raise them? YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY (and neither can your vaunted religious establishment). So if YOU don’t want your spouse to have an abortion THAT’S FINE, but don’t make judgements about anyone else when you aren’t living their life.

    1. deep thinker says:

      I think it is unfortunate that so many abortions occur, but if a person chooses to do it, then that is thier right. However, I don’t think that they have a right to have it paid for by the government. I actually considered having an abortion but ruled it out after I took the time to discuss it with some other ladies, some of whom had the ‘procedure.’ I know the argument, well the government is going to pay for them anyway….but I don’t buy it. At some point, that person will almost certainly provide more benefit to society than detraction. I know two young adults that grew up in the foster care system; they definitely have an edge on them, but I wouldn’t say they are a burden on the state.

      As for anyone in government who has the time to take the battle to any religious/non-religous group, on that basis, I feel it is our responsibility to point out what a whack job they are, whichever side they take. I think it aggravates me so much more because it is an affront to the whole concept of tolerance and the freedom to choose. eff-em.

  5. Anony says:

    Caps show he’s winding you up, don’t mind it ^.^

  6. Jefferson Radical says:

    I am of the belief that the only good government is a government that fears the people, and the only way that that is possible is to have each member of government fear all and each of the people. It is my belief that the powers that are in control of the Democratic set out to destroy the prosperity that the John Kennedy – Reagan model of the economy had inspired “ never waste a crises”. The heath care program is just one more crises in the making to take control of all of us (make us another day older and deeper in debt). Also, these same powers have as there standing orders to put out there covenant of lies from the minions so often by so many that the lie becomes accepted as the truth until it is not convenient any longer. At this time I will not refrain from commenting on the lack of support for the military that is unprecedented since Vietnam as I have a child that serves returned from Bagdad and going to Afghanistan after 1/1/2011. Let us not forget the steeling of property to put control of industry and put it in the hands of the Democratic minions that are controlled by some big money Democrats (George Soros) that wish to create an controllable under class for their own gain. Even more heinous is the steeling from one group of Americans that do not support the administration and giving to another group that dose. The way this agenda has been forced down are throat can only be defined as tyranny that must be dealt with by putting a degree of fear in every politician that is much more than can be exerted by their leaders no mater what party is in power. These tactics are so intertwined it is had to get a grasp of their workings so not too much support is offered this essay is just to provide a train of thought.

    President Barack Husain Obama was the second highest recipient of support from Freddy Mack and Fanny May. The policies that were supported by the Democratic minions and warned against repeatedly is an example of three principals the Democratic minions are governed by lie, lie, lie, support polices that repay their benefactors tit for tat and deny, deny, deny. Then create a crises and to make it a excuse for the Democratic minions to rally to. This is just like starting a fire then running though the building warning everyone to get out so they can be the heroes (the Democratic minions) but the people that lived there their homes are left in ashes with no were to go there family on the street and all the time “the heroes” insisting that the rest of the neighborhood pay for the rebuilding giving the contract to their friends for a kick back as they go back to their palaces. Consider something more resent the Democratic minions’ Health Care Program. Start with the State of the Union speech where rightly so the President was called on a out right lie and the covenant of liars the Democratic minions became out raged at holding the President accountable. Then we were told that no abortion provision would not be in the bill but it was and the lie, lie comes with an executive order that a cover-up of the lie until like so many other things that are under the cover of darkness at the late night bash played for by the citizen it can be wiped away with the stoke of one mans pen as he walks out the door. Then there is the cost of health care by the budget office with the tax for years and no benefits until years after if an insurance company tried to do this we all know how that would be received. Now the Democratic minions are arguing that mandatory health insurance is not forcing us to buy a product but a tax well then what is the cost if this factor is added to budget office calculations not flat you can bet you’re a_ _on that. This was argued as a tax at the time but lie lie not covenant deny deny. This paragraph is only a short list of what there have been books written on the culture of lies and pay backs from this administration. General in Afghanistan

    President Barack Husain Obama in polices that repay their benefactors the radical left communist leaning voters has sacrificed Americans on the battle field. This has been done in several ways by an order to (be killed) only after being fired on can there be return fire. This is just tying the hands of the troops this is a look good order (that repay their benefactors the radical left communist leaning voters) this sounds like Somalia (black hawk down) when armored personal carriers that were asked for should have used instead of hummers this is the attitude (look good instead of win) that can cost my child’s life. Secondly, when asked General Stanley McChrysta
    the general at the time asked for 80,000 troops then was brow beaten for six months to accept 30,000. This is just like asking a pilot to calculate the amount of fuel needed to complete a rescue mission (this is a rescue mission) and he calculates 8000 pounds then you send him out with 3000. This could only be explained by a deliberate plan for failure. This in my estimation is also a plain to crate a “crises” to justify the abandoning of the Afghanis just like the Vietnamese that replayed their benefactors (the radical left communist leaning voters). Do not pursue the enemy let them build strength so we will be unsuccessful for so long that we forget way we are there and make us vulnerable. Lest we forget the 1979 444 days in Tehran, 1998 Embassy Kenya, 1993 world trade canter, Fort Hood and 9/11 all brought to us by the Democratic minions and their look good feel good attitude. When at war it is a recipe for failure to look good or feel good “ war is hell”. This is further explained by President Barack Husain Obama’s Freudian slip admitting to his Moslem religion and further evidenced by Mrs. President Barack Husain Obama lack of respect for the United States, President Barack Husain Obama,s subjugation of the United States over seas and the reverence given to the all Moslem leaders he comes in contact with or for that mater anyone that voices a distain for the United States. President Barack Husain Obama,s actions can only have one conclusion that is the purposeful weakening of the United States militarily, internationally and economically.

    The agenda of theft first expressed on the campaign trail when a citizen that only fault was that he came outside to watch the goings on in front of his house. President Barack Husain Obama,s staff attempted to steel Joe the plumber’s criticality. This is not a new tactic and not the last time used but a rote response. An example of this in the past is Hilary’s travel gate lie lie get caught deny deny. Then documents are just lying there when there has been time to fabricate new ones. Just to show that this tactic is now a rote response consider Shirley Sherrod at the agriculture Department in July of 2010. She just expressed the growth of her racial attitudes over the years and is scourged, almost everyone has had that type of change over that time period. The first response is fire the cannons of degradation. The President Barack Husain Obama,s staff has drilled this so often out of need that it is now muscle memory that takes action with no thought at all, make a comment not supporting the Manchurian candidate, fire the cannons no mater what the collateral damage.

    The theft of free enterprise was orchestrated with what was a brilliant maneuver beg for a bailout from a lame duck Administration Congress and Senate. Then use their actions that President Barack Husain Obama begged for as an weapon to steal free enterprise, a pay back for a selected few and excuses a to blame others. The weapon was used by making companies take the bail out money whether it was wanted or not. After this force fundamental changes in these companies (Banks) that their only mistake was to work by the rules established the Democratic minions that changed the way loans were qualified. This was done to “ never waste a crises” and put the Democratic minions back in office. The car manufactures were stolen from investors and given to the unions by completely illegal means if any one else would try this the SEC would have them jailed.

    The health care death grip with all the lies and corruption is designed to make us all “share croppers” for ever as Tennessee Ernie Ford put it sixteen ton and what do you get another day older and deeper in debit to the goverment. If you discount the poor care that we all will receive as evidenced by the health care that is already under federal control the military and the reservations there will be rationing to a much larger scale as the pressers mount. The burden put on the insurance companies “ never waste a crises” to make mandated provisions in there policies has caused their prices to increase 80 – 90% “ never waste a crises” that small contactors just pay $700 / month fine force us to a government run program. What is this singling out the one industry construction to have to provide insurance at five employees rather than 50 like other industry this is one of the most likely places for growth of jobs and entrepreneurial activity there we go again that’s why “ create a crises”. Have you heard of Social Security do you think that the Democratic minions will keep their hands off 1/7 of the economy. Consider the consequences of this health care on the young Franklin, Edison, Marconi, or Gates. Would we have radio, cell phones, electric lights, computers, or even a country at all. All of these men did without food much less health care to procure materials needed scrounged the materials to give the world there achievements. What inventor will health care stifle and what will the world have to suffer no curer for cancer, no energy source that can solve the problem or the solution to a completely unknown problem. Can we afford the theft of choice from the wizards of tomorrow to take their last pennies for that transformer, role of wire or what ever scrape of what ever they deem useful.

    Jefferson told us that a government that dose not fear the people is tyranny. Again, the only good government is a government that fears the people, and the only way that that is possible is to have each member of government fear all and each of the people. Jefferson also told us that a government that fears the people is liberty. What comes with liberty but confidence Madison suggested that it better to spread around confidence than money. These and all the founding fathers had there faults especially if judged by today’s standards but they had a grate deal more integrity than today’s politician. A citizen could ride over and give them a peace of their mind and with openness of firearms this close contact kept a degree of fear in the air. From Thomas Jefferson, “ A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun”. We can do this a constructional amendment that defines tyranny and if the official dose not resign will then be subject to justifiable homicide by any citizen.

    The amendment would require that is equal to 10% of the total number voters that voted in the last election from total number of voters that were registered in the last election ( so no one could register just for this purpose) would sing a petition that called to question the act or acts of tyranny. A thirteen person jury would consist of seven of the officials’ party and 6 that are not all picked at random other than the balance suggested. With all other jury selection procedures in place. The standard of gilt should be what a seasonable man could believe nine of thirteen jurors . If found guilty they could resign and not be under the homicide justification as long as they do not seek that office again. The numbers may be debated and the definition should be vague just like pornography you know it when you see it. Perhaps something as simple as acting in a corrupt manor. Anyone that is unwilling to serve under these conditions should not serve in public office. This is the only way to create the type of fear Jefferson had in mind.

    Many may fell this discourse to be negative yes screaming at someone is negative but if someone is going to be run over you scream at them to get out of the way. Well then get out of the way and grab the next generation!!

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