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Knox County GOP Outhustles Knox County Democrats at the Fair

Tent for the Knox County Republicans at the Union Fair 2010

At the Union Fair this year, the Knox County Republican Party paid for a tent placed prominently on the midway. Over the course of the last three days the Knox County GOP tent has been uniformly staffed by one person and often by two people engaging in animated conversation with passersby. Lawn signs have been handed out for free, and every time I visited the tent a Paul LePage for governor bumper sticker was pressed into my hand. Buttons and t-shirts sporting American flags and made in sweatshops in Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras and Mexico were for sale.

Knox County Democrats Booth at the Union Fair

The Knox County Democratic Party, on the other hand, had a few pieces of literature and a sign-up sheet placed on a table in the middle of the craft barn. Over the three days I went to the fair, I never once saw anybody actually staffing the table.

I don’t agree with the divisive, us-versus-them principles of the Knox County GOP, but at least there’s some evidence for their existence, and I’m not just talking about the fair. There are Paul LePage lawn signs and buttons and bumper stickers and t-shirts and caps visible all over midcoast Maine; I’ve not seen so much as a button announcing Democratic candidate Libby Mitchell’s existence. The Knox County Republican Party has a headquarters replete with signage up on Route 1 in the middle of Knox County where everybody drives. The Knox County Democratic Party has a P.O. Box and no visible headquarters; it holds meetings at a Stella Maris House.

The tally in November is what matters, but right now where I live the GOP has the hustle.

5 thoughts on “Knox County GOP Outhustles Knox County Democrats at the Fair”

  1. Ross Levin says:

    What about the Greens? Are they running anyone in your area?

    1. Jim says:

      Good question. The answer is nope. I volunteered to run a caucus a few months back to see if there was any interest in forming a local Green Party affiliate. I posted signs and called registered Greens and put notices in the paper; the interest just wasn’t there and nobody showed.

  2. Tom says:

    “Smart” not to waste ones’ time in 3rd party politics since the system is rigged toward the duopoly that now belongs to corporate America.
    There’ll be no interest in politics once the environment becomes unbearable and the sham of politics is shown for all to see – they’re very powerful in leading us down the primrose path to our self destruction but powerless to help us once all hell breaks loose.

    1. Jim says:

      Tom, by what year would you say, “OK, so all hell didn’t break loose like I said, and it did matter after all that people tried to make things better”? Or is this a feeling that exists for you regardless of whether you see it come to pass?

  3. Tom says:

    Well it takes the earth a while to become unbearable (but you have to agree it’s getting there) and people continually disappoint on any prospects for progress (i mean, with all this religious crap going on now – what century are we regressing to, the 15th? i forget when the Inquisition happened). It just seems so HOPELESS when the very guy we elect to “change” the corruption and get democracy back to the way it was designed DOES THE SAME SHIT and doesn’t hold anyone accountable!

    Whatever “all those people that are trying to make things better” are doing ain’t workin’ (or workin’ fast enough) Jim! Incrementalism won’t do it at this point. We need massive structural and systemic change which will entail altering the way we do just about everything. Trying for “recovery” is completely missing the mark and continuing on the same path we’ve been on and expecting different results is the very definition of stupidity.

    So, to answer your question, i think systematic global collapse will occur sometime between now and 20 years from now if we don’t rapidly mend our ways (and you can see as well as i do that we’re decidedly NOT changing anything significant now – and don’t plan to in at least the next two years; if the Republicans win in 2012 in will only increase the rate of failure, decreasing the time to collapse).

    Finally i sincerely hope i’m DEAD wrong and look like a complete fool for thinking this way – i’ll laugh along with you (with relief) in that case.

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